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Changing clinic


Hi all, thank you so much for taking the time to listen.

My husband and I are TTC and we're referred to a central London hospital for IVF. Unfortunately they did not cover NHS patients from our area so we were referred to out local east London centre. It had been a series of tests and scan and period tracking before we finally got the go ahead to go on the waiting list a few weeks ago. The think is its 6 months long and they now have signs up in the clinic saying treatment over the next 3 months might b delayed due to lab refurbishments. Also it's out of the way for the weekly scans etc that I have been going to. My husband and I have some money saved and were thinking of going private at the first hospital we were referred to.

It was just a nicer feeling there not so rushed and all clean and friendly. Also I'm 37 and he is 40 and I'm not sure I can wait 6 months.

I will speak to our current consultant in 2 weeks for a round up of our results to see if we can change hospital and how it will affect our NHS future cycles

Can I ask if anyone else has gone private after NHS? Is it a good idea or am I just going through the frustration everyone does.

We have the option of self funding or private

Thanks in advance for your advice and best wishes to all on this overwhelming journey xx

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Are you sure you just have the one NHS option? In my area (the midlands) I had quite a few across a wide geographic area. My clinic treats both nhs and private and is a leading one. They say ,and from what I can tell it's true, they treat both the same. As it's only one NHS funded cycle in the region a) there's no waiting list and b) people expect to pay afterwards. I know it might not seem helpful to you but I'd really check out your options re nhs as there must be some other ones in London who'd take you. That said the clinic with the best rates in the country is in London and is private only (but super £££) Good luck with whatever you decide...

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Thank you Skatty, i did think about looking at another clinic - i was trying yesterday to get through to see if we are in their catchment.

Ill give that a try - thank you :)


We were referred to nhs (East London too) at the start and had a horrible experience. Reception were rude, one doctor was amazing but the second appointment we sas another doctor who acted like I had nevef been there, had no notes so I had to explain everything again. He then told me several things I later found out were untrue, including spending 10 minutes explaining why I was menopausal - that was over 2 years ago and I'm still not!!!

Overall I was pretty traumatised by the NHS experience. However,the private clinic I'm with are amazing! All the staff are fantastic and everyone- doctors, nurses and support staff - could not be more helpful and supportive.

I'm so glad we didn't stay with the NHS clinic and extremely grateful we were able to go private.

My advice is to do what feels right for you. Lots of luck with it all! xx

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Thank you EmmaC, I think we will end up private - I just get a better feeling xx

Where in central London did you originally go to? We chose to go to CRGH (who were amazing and have zero waiting list time) and we live 20 miles from there so maybe they would accept patients from your area as well.

It is really important how practical it is for you. Ours was 10 minutes walk from my work so I could have scans before work, during lunch, or straight after and not have to book any time off work. It also meant I could pop along at any time to pick up more drugs etc. It really made the whole process so much more easy and completely stress-free. Without that I'm not so sure my first go would have worked. At some point there will be daily scans and somewhere out of the way will be a pain for you.

we were at guy's hospital - i could pop over in my lunch break if we were there, not like our current inflexible and a bit moody place!

- its hard to keep this secret when you have to take so much time away from work!

thanks for the advice, who are CRGH?

Centre for reproductive and genetic health, right near great portland street (so not great for you). But is there another private clinic nearby where you work? We were offered a list of about 7 that we could go to.

I know that one was CREATE, that I think is near St Pauls.

We were told not to tell work you were going through treatment, but it's so hard not to unless you can work it around your work hours easily.

I chose a clinic right near my work and it's made it so much easier so i would definitely recommend doing that if you have an option. They are in London and am happy to recommmend if you want to message me

If you decide to go to a private clinic make sure you get copies of all your notes and results so you don't have to pay to have them redone.

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