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London clinic

hi all. I hope you are all well. I have just finished my 2nd nhs funded cycle and it was a fail. I am now going to wait until the new year and go private. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good clinic's in London. There seems to be so many and I just want to pick the right one. I was hoping to see if I can find one that does the 2 cycle package.

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Hi Justus1. So sorry that you have not been successful with your current treatment cycle. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend a specific clinic as it is seen as advertising. If you haven’t already, have a look at hfea.gov.uk when you can access all the details of clinics in the UK. It might take a little time to look through them, but you will find the ones that can offer what you are looking for, and the costs. Some of them have open days, where you can have a look round and get a feel for the place, so could be worth doing. I do wish you well with whatever and wherever you do decide to go. Diane


Hey lady 😁

I have battled and battled with what's a good clinic.... The answer is who knows, from experience we all get excited on results and success rates at each clinic and really the process doesn't change and psssibly nor the drugs perhaps a very small change somewhere...however all in all it lies with how you feel about them and if you we comfortable enough r to put ur potential babies in their hands....the final success lies within our own bodies.

That's a little advice I have accepted not saying just pick any old clinic I could recommend one and say it was rubbish because my treatment with them failed, someone else could have gone to same and said they were great because it was a success....it's what you think and feel xxx

Good luck with your journey xx


Thanks guys for all your comments


We are afraid that we have had to delete posts from this thread as they contain comments about an individual clinics. Whilst a request for feedback via the private messaging system is acceptable, we ask that comments are not posted on the community.

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No problem. Apologise


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