Miracle do happen

Miracle do happen

Good morning all. I had my dating scan yesterday and my little fatty is doing well, 13 weeks today. The picture isn't very good because the baby had hiccups.

I'm not out the wood works until this baby is safe in my arms after having my little girl at 24 weeks last year and her losing her little life. We're just going to take each day as it comes.

I will continue to follow and pray for all you ladies to have your miracle babies ❤️️, good luck to you all Xxx

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  • Such wonderful news xx

  • Lovely picture to see! Wishing you all the best for a happy healthy pregnancy!x

  • What a lovely pic to see and a lovely post to read after such sad news last year. I hope your pregnancy continues to be happy and healthy. Sending love to you all xx x

  • Thanks lovely x

  • Well done for getting this far. I pray that your baby will be in your arms. Keep the positivity and you will be fine. Best wishes xxx

  • Xxx

  • Fantastic news Hun 👶 I cannot wait till Monday coming for my 13 weeks scan 😍 Xxx

  • They changed my date although it is IVF because the baby is measuring 4 days bigger 🙈. Good luck huni xx

  • Xxxx

  • That's lovely news. Congratulations xx

  • Aww congratulations she is beautiful xxxxx

  • Congrats and I'm very happy for you and your OH.

    May you continue to enjoy health, joy and peace through the rest of your pregnancy. You shall sure go home with your baby upon safe delivery.

    I pray the rest of us will also share our miracle stories soon.

  • Thank you so much xx

  • Congratulations so so pleased for you xx

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