Miracle happens ❤️❤️❤️

Miracle happens ❤️❤️❤️

Hello ladies I just want to say that miracle do happens ...😃😃 We had scan 2 day ...and I was wake since 6am waiting for another 4 hours to get my self and hubby to see my little one knowing is doing well ... My nouty baby didn't want to laydown on back ...just on side faceing words us or turning on his/her stomach ... take us 30 min and me moving my hips Just to get this photo for...only for a min that u still cannot see us much ... It was amazing to see how much grow my baby ...😍😍😍 I cannot wait for next scan to see again my little one 😍👶 Ladies good things happens and miracle too ... I wish you all BFP 😘Xxxx

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  • That's incrediable news Olivia. Wow. Many many congrats....

  • Thank u sanj76 . 😃😃

  • Congrats Hun :) enjoy xx

  • This is so inspirational. I am sitting here and crying with happy tears, I am really happy for you. as someone who has only started her fertility journey I must say that it is very important to see and read. I am going for a surrogacy now, we have signed with the clinic for egg donor surrogacy program. It is all due to my uterus cancer that resulted in hysterectomy 4 years ago.

    I don’t worry that much because there is nothing that I am going to be responsible of but I am still praying to have kids, being someone who won’t have any chances of having her own kids in the future, I appreciate that fact that I still have this ability to have kids from a man I love.

    You are right miracles do happen and I believe in it with all of my heart. Now as we have been matched with our donor, we are waiting for her to be matched with the surrogate mother. It is only in 2 months I think that we are going to know whether she is pregnant or not. I hope that everything works out.

    Anyways! Wishing you all of the best!!

  • Hello Bethany2 thank u very much . Is still hard to believe that something I dream for years thinking I cannot imagine my self being pregnant wanted so much finally happens 😍 Miracles do happens 🍀 My birthday is coming up end of this week ...and this morning my hubby said ..."oh baby I didn't bought u anything 😔"... and I said u give me more then I ever could dream of ... You and baby is everything I ever wanted 😍😍☺️ I wish U for everything to work out for u and your hubby 🍀🍀🙏🙏

  • You know I can feel your happiness through the computer screen, you are beaming of it! :)

    I love it when people are happy but it is the whole different thing when you see how dreams come true to a woman who always wanted to have kids, and you are totally right your husband did get you the best present in your life! I think that he can just relax and not think of getting you anything for the rest of your life haha (don't tell him that!!)

    Be happy hun! xxx

    PS I will ask my hubby to bring me to the clinic when our surro's on her 12 week so we can see her, he once said that he has plenty of work, but I am begging him to fly to Ukraine for just a day to meet the woman who will be changing our lives forever. but there is still some time, I don't know why he can't just promise to fly there with me?

  • Wow...I m pleased to knw it dear Olivia...congratulations...ur little one s growing everyday...

  • Thank u Hun ☺️ I'm so happy that my little one is doing well 😍😍 I wish to hold my baby in my arm kiss and kiss and saying how much we love him/her 😍😍😍 I'm so in love ❤️❤️❤️

  • That day wil com soon n u wil b the happiest mom in the world...

  • Amazing photo. Well done for getting this far. Wishing you all the best Hun. Xx

  • What a lovely post Olivia - congratulations again, can't wait for the 20 week update :) x x x

  • Thank u girls I'm so extremely happy and I'm so much in love 😍😍😍😍

  • Great news Olivia! Always find it helpful to see positive stories, give me hope! All the best!xx

  • Hi Olivia1980xxxx. All looking god to me. Next scan will show whether you are having a girl, boy or a surprise! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy - you're now a third of the way through - magic! Diane

  • Thank u Diane I'm so happy for my little one 😍 I preferred suprice ...but my hubby want to know if is boy or girl . I need just to work on to change his mind on that ☺️☺️ Thank u

  • Hi Olivia1980xxxx. I had a "surprise"! Best one ever! Diane

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