Our little miracle is here ☺️

Our little miracle is here ☺️

Hi everyone, I haven't posted anything since my ET transfer last November though I have replied to various posts etc. I just wanted to let everyone know that our little miracle arrived yesterday weighing 9lb 3oz; she's a right fatty! We were told that IVF had a 10% chance of working due to my low AMH. Only 1 embryo made it to blastocyst and that blastocyst turned into my beautiful baby girl. I'm posting my story to give hope and show that miracles do happen. IVF is a very difficult journey and even through the pregnancy I didn't enjoy it at all because of anxiety and thinking everything was too good to be true. I wish every one of you going through infertility luck and I hope you all get your BFP's. Lots of love and baby dust to you all xxx

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  • Congratulations! I was thinking you must be due soon. She's gorgeous. What a great weight!! Glad your little girl has been born healthy, hope you enjoy many years together as a family. x

  • Awwww congratulations on a beutiful little girl x

  • Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL baby girl enjoy every moment xx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Massive congratulations she is beautiful xxx

  • Awww she's so cute!! Massive congratulations xx

  • Congrats to you x

  • Congrats..she's beautiful...here is hope for us all...you enjoy being a mummy...lots of love xxx

  • She's so cute . Congratulations. Bless her.

  • This is lovely thank you for sharing! Always great to hear a good news story we need more of these. Hope you're both doing really well your little bundle look Looks gorgeous 😍❤️ Fingers crossed for the rest of us ladies! We can't do it!! 😀👍🏼

    Sending everyone lots of love xxxxx

  • Aww shes just beautiful haha wee fatty ☺ nice and healthy, congratulations mummy how amazing that must sound 💖 xxxxxx

  • Congratulations , my miracle girl was born in December ,enjoy her they grow too fast xx

  • Congratulations she is beautiful ❤️

  • Congratulations! She is so beautiful. Xx

  • Ah congratulations! Xx

  • Big congrats to both of you.your baby is soooo cute.ma sha Allah.may Allah bless her.ameen.

  • Congratulations she's beautiful xxx

  • Congratulations and thank u for giving me hope 😘

  • Congratulations!🎉🎉🎉

  • Congratulations she is beautiful xxxxx

  • oh, it's a true miracle with so low estimated chances and only 1 embryo transferred. thank u for sharing ur happiness. be healthy and happy all xxx

  • What a beauty! Congratulations and thanks so much for posting! These stories mean a lot to us all. I'm in the pregnancy phase (week 12) of anxiety and worry. Even though I'm thankful every day to have got this far, I'm always worrying as you say - hearing your story definitely gives a lot of hope and has brightened up my day!

  • I'm so glad hun; I was exactly the same. You think when you get your BFP that you'll be worry free etc but it doesn't happen. It's such a tough journey to get pregnant and it's so precious that worrying is inevitable. All you can do is stay positive and start to relax every time you reach another milestone (that's what I tried to do). You'll feel a bit more calm once you have your 12 week scan and see your little beaut. Wishing you a lovely, healthy pregnancy and lots of positive thoughts xxx

  • congratulations! shes gorgeous! things like this are making IVF so much easier!! xxxxx

  • Ah lovely to hear such a positive post to keep us all going. Congratulations & well done on getting through the journey xxx

  • Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl! 💕

  • congratulations on your arrival of your little girl xx

  • Congratulation she is gorgeous 😃😃xx

  • Oh that is such great news. Well done you! She is gorgeous.

  • Gorgeous! Congratulations to you and thank you for posting, made me smile xx

  • Congrats

  • Many many congratulations on the birth of your little girl. How lovely to see. I have tears in my eyes and wish you all the very best. Thank you for sharing and showing so many what indeed could be possible.

    Wishing you all the best with settling your new member into your family.

    All the very best

  • Congratulations. She is beautiful x

  • Aaaah she's perfect, well done guys😍

  • Thank you for sharing your joy . Beautiful x

  • That is amazing, so lovely to hear of a happy ending, so nice for others going through the same to read this. I wish you and your family a wonderful future together xx

  • Thank you for sharing and congratulations xxx

  • Congratulations! So happy for you I cried! She is so precious, Enjoy! Xx

  • Congratulations x

  • Thank you everyone xxx ☺️

  • It's an absolute miracle what the doctors are able to achieve for us girls brings a tear to my eye when I read these stories knowing that there is hope for us all, enjoy every moment and congratulations xxx

  • Aww, big congratulations! I find it so hard to believe that I will be at that stage in only five months. It still feels unreal that I actually have a little growing baby inside me! :-)

  • Such lovely news, you are right it does bring hope to a lot of us, I wish more people would post these pictures. We also have less than a 10% chance due to low AMH, it's nice to see that miracles can happen. Lots of love to you and your little fatty - she's perfect! x x x

  • Very blessed and lucky lady x

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