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PUL - pregnancy in an unkown location!


Hi ladies. As most of you know I got a BFP this day last week but I began to bleed on Friday passed and it got heavier over the weekend. Long story short and 4 scans later , it seems I have PUL. My HCG levels keep rising. They cannot see anything on the scans - I should be 6 weeks tomorrow - and can't see anything in my tubes. I should be unwell they said if it's ectopic but I'm totally fine! I am still bleeding however. So seems it's all very strange. I had grieved over the weekend as believed we had miscarried but now it's all so uncertain ? The outcome will still probably be the same unfortunately . Has anyone experience this before ??? X

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From what I was told about ectopics when we had a faint BFP, the HCG keeps rising normally, but I think a lot of ectopics don't show for a good few weeks in the tubes and that is why they need to monitor you constantly.

Is it the clinic scanning you or a hospital now?

I had a ruptured ectopic this year it got to 8 weeks my hcg was rising but not as it should be is yours going up normal? X

Oh no 😔 Dreadful situation. Hope they keep a very close eye on you sweetness and you get some clarity soon. I would post this question on the BPAS forum on this site. There's often midwives etc that will answer you xxxx

Thanks for the comments girls , it's such a bizzare situation to be in. It's the hospital that are monitoring me now not the clinic I think my HCG levels are what they should be alright. I'm gettin a laparoscopy Tomor morn now as they want to try and find it And see what's going on X

Look out for any shoulder pain or any really severe pain in your stomach if you have any of those get straight to the hospital x

Thanks Natalie. They actually keeping me in to keep an eye on me. They so good x

Well that's a good thing that you are in already x

aww not so good glad that they are keeping a eye on you keep me posted and hope it is good news for you xxx

How are you today raglee? Xx

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