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Feeling like I have zero chance 1st IVF worked

Hi so my history unexplained infertility alll tests normal except just at my baseline scan atvstart of IVF the consultant discovered pco. (Which he said wasn't that I have pcos). Dh tests normal too.

Me 32 dh 35

I made lots of follicle (wohoo I thought) 14 eggs collected, 9 mature, 5 fertilised.

Day 3, 3 embryos were grade 1 so advised to go to day 5 blast. Sadly we didn't make any to blastocyst. Put two back in one a "cavitating morula" and another morula slightly behind that.

Thought we would at least have one blastocyst. The embryologist said it wasn't looking amazing as they are "slow" and should have been blasts by day 5. Nothing to freeze.

This is so hard and feeling defeated 😒

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Dont be too disheartened. my follicles were slow and we only got 2 eggs only one made it passed day 1 and the other one we were told wasn't very strong but it made it to day 5 it didn't have as many cells as they expected but it made it so we had it put back in. We were told less than 40% chance of it makin it. im 19 weeks on Saturday with a little girl and shes doing really well so far. good luck with your journey xx


Wow that's fantastic news! How exciting. I heard that slow Embies go on to be girls??? Don't know if this thagbos true?

I felt the atmosphere at transfer was so down. They agreed to transfer two as me and dh thought well if they don't look great might as well up our chances.

So you had one transferred in the end? Did it become a blastocyst? Mine were both morulas one was "cavitating". My transfer was early at 10am and dh said if it had been in the PM maybe they would have reached blastocyst?? Who knows.

Ps did you do anything in particular in your wait?

Thanks for taking the time to reply. So kind x

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I've heard a few things about the difference between a boy and girl. the way it was put to us was they were trying to see if it would make it to blastocyst but dont get your hopes up. yes we got to day 5 which we were totally amazed at. I dont think they like to give too much hope just incase. Its such a worrying time. I had 2 weeks off sick for egg collection and transfer and then they gave me another 2 weeks when I found out it was positive and then I started bleedin at 6 weeks so ended up with another 2 weeks off and I think the rest did me good. dont have a bath, I ate lots of avacado, kept my feet up as much as possible and just happy positive thinking. my sister came round to see me all the time we always sit and laugh which I honestly think helped me stay calm. stay away from Google if you have any feelings of symptoms or bleeds or anythin at all don't Google it,you'll drive yourself insane and always find so much negativity. this forum helped me find answers. I didnt find the 2ww that bad to be honest it was worse waitin for the first scan. I tested at 10 days and got positive but I had really sore boobs after 5 days so I had a feeling anyway. it is hard especially when you've already been through so much but if it doesn't work it's not the end and if it does work all the hard work and stress just seems like it was so long ago xx


Thanks for the advice means a lot. Yes glad our made it to day 5 even though they weren't blastocysts am grateful we had two to put back. Now for the waiting game. πŸ‘


Hi 1aa2bb3cc. Your little embies are back inside you where they belong. Keeping everything crossed that they will implant and carry on growing well. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane I'm very crampy today feels like period is on it's way 😒 IVF is definitely Such an overwhelming experience


Hi 1aa2bb3cc. I do hope not. Sometimes cramps can be caused by the extra progesterone you are using - that is pessaries if you have been prescribed them It's never easy I'm afraid, but I do hope everything turns out OK. Diane


Thank you keep dreading whenever I have to use the toilet incase there's book. Don't want to test until official test day next week Wednesday


Hi 1aa2bb3cc. Just try and keep busy and have a rest when you can. It's horrible all the waiting. Fingers crossed for Wednesday. Diane


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