5 day transfer : one morula and one cavitating morula. Advice please

I had a 5 day transfer yesterday, having been told at day 3 that the embryos were perfect grade 1 we were dissapointed to find non had made it to blastocyst.

I had one cavitating morula and another morula slightly behind that put back.

Embryologists said something like "next time....." I was so overwhelmed that I didn't register til I got home that maybe she said "next time..." because we have such little chance. I've been crampy with strange twinges today. Any advice or words or encouragement? Please x

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  • I'm 5 days past transfer and the consultant has done a whole plan for 'next time' so whilst I had the same concerns as you I think it's quite normal for them. In a way it's good that they are thinking 'if this doesn't work we need to do x' but I wish they would just write these things in their notes so they don't forget but not actually say it out loud!! Remember it only takes one. Good luck xx

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. IVF sucks! Can I ask how many embryos they transferred for you, did they manage to transfer blastocyst?

    Never even heard about morula transfer until they did it yesterday and then she and I were scouring dr Google to try and understand what had happened and why they were behind/slow.

  • Hi, I had both my 2 frozen embryos put back. The one I had put back first time round (bfn) was a 4bb these were a 3bb and 3b-b, all blastos but after thawing they had lost cells and fragmented a bit and one had become a 5cd or something, the other also had a d in it. I was so over the moon that both survived I don't think I took in the negatives (unusually for me lol!) I've just posted about my symptoms today- feeling a little less positive now after the initial few days, and wondering if I should have just had one put back as when the consultant told me about the plan of action for 'next time' this included having more uterine scans and possibly putting me on prostap for 3 months to calm down any adeno, but it was too late to do it for this time as I'd already started the cycle. Have strange twitchy sensations and heart palpitations and a bit of spotting today but nothing making me feel pregnant as yet. Hope all progresses well for you. Cramps can be a v good sign xx

  • The spotting sounds like a good sign could be implantation? My consultant told me the grading isn't as accurate as we think as they just look at shape etc. You have a great chance! Stay positive. Here's hoping for good news for both xx

  • Hi, just want to letbu know, in my first cycle they had transferred 1 2day embryo, I didn't know its grading but they said its the best one...I got pregnant but had chemical miscarriage in September..now I m in two weeks wait n hv FET on 27th October...I had two two says embryos..one lost its cells n became 2 cells, I think not good but another one was 4 cells n didn't lose while thawing...so I don't know it works or not but trying to keep positive...good luck to you both...

  • Thank for the reply it's tough this waiting game isn't it! Official test date next Wednesday. How will I survive another week! Lol

  • its a horrible time...my official test day is next tuesday...a waiting game.....

  • Good luck! I'm off work so finding the days are really dragging. Have you had any symptoms at all?

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