Here we go!

Aunt Flo arrived yesterday afternoon although earlier than expected which is great so I can get my treatment done before Christmas! It came around 3pm and was light but got heavier around 10pm would that be classed as day one or today? I thought I read somewhere if you become heavy after 5pm the following day is counted as day one but everywhere says something different!

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  • I would say tomorrow is your proper day one I know I always had a bit the day before and the 3pm thing rings a bell too. Good luck! Xx

  • Hello Hydromermaid-1

    It's such a great feeling once your AF shows cause it means your in the move now lol.

    When I was waiting for mine to be able to start injecting they advised me that if my AF arrived anytime after 2pm then I had to wait till the next day to count as day 1.

    Good luck with it all Hun xxx

  • Oh thank goodness I've been really panicking that I've got it wrong. I started spotting on sat PM and it got a bit harder by 11pm so I am booked in for today as they did offer yesterday but the main clinic is 1hr and a half away even longer for hubby when he is at work but the satillite clinic is 20 mins away. They did say day three is fine but I just keep thinking what if that isn't good enough. I know they wouldn't do it if it wasn't but I am such a worrier and this is only the first stage god knows what I'm gonna be like the rest 😬 Xx

  • Hi Hun good luck!

    Mine arrived Saturday after 4 but the clinic say if before 6 then day one is the next day. So I rang Monday morning just gone as that would also be day 2 and was seen that morning.

    Started injections yesterday!

    We be cycle buddies then :)

    Where abouts in U.K. (County) are you if you can say xxx

  • Ah yes so I'm the same! They did offer yesterday but it's so far and it was the middle of the day. Just hope I didn't ruin my chances. My main clinic is in Eastbourne and I should only go there for EC and ET and then the rest is at Goring Hall West Sussex. Hope the injections are ok 😬 Xx

  • Ah no it's fine the clinic said to me if was another day all is fine.

    Ah was wondering as I'm a satellite clinic too but in Essex.

    Injection was fine! I set it up and hubbie injected me. Just couldn't get the bloody needle off yesterday so had to dump the whole pen but it only had 300 in it and that was my whole dosage. My others are 900 so I better get the needles off them 😂

    Hope your scan goes ok! Defo cycle buddies :) x

  • I'm gonna get hubby to do mine too I hate needles and faint every time I have an injection or blood test bloody wuss lol. I just can't wait to get started I'll be counting down until 11.15 for my appt xx

  • Honestly it's fine. I ain't a fan of blood tests but I didn't feel a thing last night when he did it!

    We will have to stay in touch about about how we both are doing x

  • Yeah that will be good 😊 Xx

  • How did you get on Hun at your scan x

  • All fine other than not being able to get any blood. She literally got a dribble so will have to have it done at my next scan on sat! First injection tonight so hope we do it all ok 😬 Xx

  • They didn't do bloods with me. My clinic said they don't always do them as not always reliable that it's more the scan. Maybe they will when I'm in again Friday?

    You'll be fine injection wise :)

    I just hope I get the needle off this time!

    I've had a headache today but took some paracetamol to help but other than that all good :)

    Let me know how injection goes! What are you on? X

  • Apparently the bloods are another lot of HIV etc as the other ones would be out of date even though we only had them done in July and then hormone ones.

    I'm on menopur 150 tonight then 75 tomorrow. All looks complicated having to mix it up etc!

    Hope yours goes ok tonight! Xx

  • Hi Hun hope injection went ok xxx

  • Yes all good. We were both a bit of a wuss but tonight will be easier.

    How did yours go? Xx

  • All fine too! The needle came off this one fine. Think I over tightened the first one!

    Just had some acupuncture too so a bit sleepy!

    Did they give you a tbc date for egg collection? X

  • That's good!

    No they haven't given a date. When I asked her she said it could be as early as a week after starting but it is probablyunlikely. Will have to remember to ask on Saturday. Would be nice to know roughly as I would like to have the time off work in between the two procedures xx

  • Yea I know what you mean. Mine is Monday 14th but obviously dependant on how I get on.

    If all works that way, I could be back in for ET by end of that week. I think I'll self certificate myself that whole week - I'm a secondary teacher and don't want the stress after all that x

  • It seems to all go so quick! I just hope all goes well and it doesn't have to be abandoned at any point.

    I have told my bosses and one says have all the time I need and the other isn't so giving lol but she isn't the one in charge.

    How much time are you gonna give yourself?I only work in a surgery as a secretarybut I would like in between off at least xx

  • Just realised we have chatted before xxx

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