OTD tomorrow going crazy πŸ˜–

So nervous and excited but also dreading getting my blood test tomorrow to find out for sure if BFN or BFP. Had a good cry this morning and convinced myself it was going to be BFN, think I'm just trying to emotionally prepare for bad news tomorrow.

My DH's words of wisdom were 'try not to think about it too much until tomorrow' oh yeah I'll just turn my brain off lol 😝

Going to sort clothes for charity and keep myself busy ahhhhhh this is torture!!

Anyone else's OTD tomorrow?


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  • Good luck x

  • Thanks 😊 xx

  • Mine is Sunday. Good luck to you. It's horrible isn't it. My husband is the same. "Just keep positive" is what he's been saying all along. If only it were that easy when your brain is in overdrive.

    Have you done a HPT at all? On my OTD I have just been told to use a pregnancy test, no mention of a blood test. I think they just do an early scan two weeks later if your test is positive.

    Good luck :) x

  • My clinic didn't do bloods either just a HPT followed by a scan 3 weeks later. Good luck πŸ€

  • Mines the same hpt. . And if I am I take it it will be a scan a few weeks later, my clinic doesn't do bloods x

  • Good luck to you too for your result xx

  • Bless them I think it is difficult for the men but not the same mental torture!! He said don't be negative but I was only saying my gut feeling is that it hasnt worked.

    I did one yesterday (9dp3dt) and it was negative.

    It's do weird how all clinics do it differently I'm going in for blood test first thing and they'll call me in the afternoon.

    My sister was still getting -ve on hpt when she was about 4 weeks pregnant so fingers crossed I just tested too early!!

    Good luck jil xx

  • Good luck! πŸ€

  • Thanks hopeful 😘

  • Aww bless you! Big hugs and fingers crossed! You should be so proud of yourself for holding out until test day! Xxx good luck

  • I cheated yesterday and it was BFN but there's still hope. Guess I just have to wait until test results tomorrow afternoon 😨 xx

  • Good luck Jojo, I'll be thinking of you. I was told to not to do a test until 16 days, so 13dp3dt for you. Therefore, you definitely tested too early!

    Fingers crossed xx

  • Thanks Anjel that's reassuring ❀ xx

  • Good luck Hun!!!πŸ˜€πŸ™πŸ€πŸ‘Ά xxx

  • Thanks ladyboss, when did you have your test?xx

  • It was the 9th BFP still so terrified tho!! I don't think I'll be able to relax properly till I have my viability scan just over a week to go! 😬 xxx

  • Good luck! Xx

  • Thanks daisy, good luck with your cycle too xx

  • Keeping everything crossed for you x x

  • Thanks JoJo, good luck for your 2ww xx

  • I have to wait until 4-5 pm for the result, today is going to be a LONG day!!xx

  • Good luck. Thinking of you x

  • Thanks Jil xx

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