Pain relief on Buserelin

Hello Everyone, hope you are all doing well.

We've just started our 2nd ivf attempt (have endometriosis, frozen pelvis) and doing the long protocol.

I'm taking the Buserelin nasal spray 4 times daily and feeling much better on it (helping to calm the endo down) but suffer migraines and had one starting up earlier. I took a cocodamol and it helped, but am now really panicking I shouldn't have taken the cocodamol - I took it after the Nurse said it was one of the things I could take for headaches when going through ivf the last time.

I know I've just answered my own question in a way but just looking for reassurance of possible please I've done the right thing and not ruined it all (I think hormones are running a bit too wild tonight 😐). Thank you in advance X X X X

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  • I really doubt it'll make any difference at this stage lovely - it's after the transfer that you have to be careful about what you take Xx

  • Thanks very much Sarah - that makes complete sense! Phew. Deep breaths and on with the sprays ☺️ X X X X

  • Hi, I suffered from headaches when I down regulated too. I too suffer migraines but these weren't really migraines. I would normally reach for ibuprofen but the clinic were really against it. They told me paracetamol which does nothing for me so asked what else and they said codine was ok. I ended up with cocodimol which helped so I'm sure you'll be fine!!x

  • Thank you Cinderella! I'm the same, usually ibuprofen or triptans for migraines, that's reassuring to hear about the cocodamol! Fingers crossed it'll all settle down soon ☺️ X X X X X

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