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Egg Collection Done 🥚


Morning everyone,

Just had egg collection, was a lot easier than expected as I didn’t feel a thing and can’t remember anything! 11 eggs collected which the doctor said was a good number, just have to hope they fertilise now 🤞🏼🥚🌈 wishing anyone else in the same boat loads of luck xx

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Well done! Rest up, take it easy and drink plenty of water. Best of luck for the fertilisation call!xx

megad26 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you ☺️ Xx


Congratulations! I hope you get some great embies xx

That’s a great number, lots of rest and water. Hopefully tomorrow brings more good news xx


Hi megad26. Well done with that result. Time for a rest now, and lots of water to drink. Fingers crossed fertilisation and transfer. Thinking of you. Diane

megad26 in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you Diane 🤞🏼☺️ Xx

That’s good! We are on the same part of the journey! We collected 16 x

megad26 in reply to Montgomery2

Great result 🥚☺️ Let me know how you get on, wishing you all the luck ☘️ xx

Montgomery2 in reply to megad26

Same for you x

Had mine collected yesterday too! And we got 11 as well. Got the good news this morning that 8 had fertilized. Now keeping fingers crossed those little embies keep growing 💗.

Good luck with yours 🤞🍀xx

megad26 in reply to JenRoy

Congratulations JenRoy, so happy for you! I’m praying for similar good news in the morning too! 🤞🏼☘️ xx

Good luck 🤞😀 xxx

megad26 in reply to Amanda86

Thank you ☺️ Xx

Best of luck! Now rest up. All out of your hands now. I’m just relived my hubbie’s sperm and my eggs liked each other 😬. I was so nervous! Wishing you great results...another hurdle to aim for 🌈 xx

I’m at the same stage, had my eggs collected yesterday. 9 eggs were collected 5 fertilised booked in for my transfer Sunday morning. Good luck for your results tomorrow xx

megad26 in reply to Ella92

Amazing! Congrats ☺️ Good luck for Sunday ☘️ xx

Lovely work! Lots of rest now! x

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