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Recurrent misscarrige


I'm 35 years old and I'm just going trough my 4th misscarrige.And just had one 9 weeks ago.

We are blessed with 2 beautiful boys one 10 year old and 18 month old.

We had 2 misscarrige back to back before we had our second son and now 2 more.

Got pregnant straight away when I got my period back and 2 weeks again after we had a misscarrige week 9.And then it all happening again.We had an early scan only a week ago which showed the baby and a heartbeat and only a few days after I start to bleed and the baby dies😔

It's just so tough to handle this time around and I don't understand why we loose all the babies.

And I know I can't complain when we are blessed with 2 amazing boys❤️

But I really wanted this baby😔

Anyone going trough the same?

Feel so alone,don't know anyone who had misscarrige😔

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There's lots of women in here have had recurrent miscarriage, in sure will be able to help you. I've only had one and still affects me now everyday after 15 years. 😕

I'm 36

We have two boys too, 10 and 5 and it's took us almost 6 years to get pregnant with #3 after failed assisted fertility.

miscarriage is brutal regardless of the stage or how many kids you've got. Don't feel guilty about being devastated just because you already have kids.

You should be able to get some investigation done if you've had more than three MC I think. They offered up test the foetus with mine but at the time I just wanted all over. There may be something they can do to prevent it again with you.

I'm so sorry your going through it. It can be a lonely place to be 😔 Your in the right place here for support.

Big hugs Hun xxxxxxxx



Yes I'm going through one at the moment, gutted. From what I can see, lots of women suffer in silence and don't tell anyone with the logic it was an early one. That doesnt matter. It was still a little miracle and a bundle of dreams.

Sending you lots of love and prayers, you are not alone💔

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There is an amazing video in Facebook from a woman called judith broeks Faulkner. She tells her story. You should have a look. It's a video called the grief of what could have been.


I am sorry for yr losses. I recommend that you see yr fertility specialist. There are various reasons why mcs occur as poor sperm quality, chromosomal issues, etc. Good luck


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