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Test confusion... hopeful but doubtful!

I have absolutely tormented myself this cycle thinking I might be lucky this month... did a test this morning at 12DPO and the strangest thing happened, I got a faint positive line on the test strip, I literally couldn't believe my eyes. But I shouted my husband and by the time he got there it had faded away and only the control line was there. I've never had this before and use those strips all the time. Anyone else had that??

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Hi Orla9298. Do you think you could possibly wait and test on the date you were advised to? It looks as though something positive might be happening, but do try and be patient - not easy! Thinking of you and good luck! Diane

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Thanks Diane, I know it was totally pointless to test early. Today is my recommended test day but I'm going to ignore it for now, I doubt this month will be any different to any others just I've been working so hard on all my supplements etc and had improved blood results I'm just getting over excited haha. (IVF isn't til Jan so this is just natural).


Hi Orla9298. I can totally understand your frustration. Just wanted to congratulate you on all your hard work ensuring your diet and supplements are all up to scratch. Not any easy task, but eventually becomes a way of life. You should at least be in optimum condition should you need to start IVF in the New Year. Thinking of you. Diane


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