OMG positive pregnancy test!!

I was 2 days late (I think) yesterday but because we went on holiday after our failed FET I was not tracking ovulation. But yesterday I felt so sick so I thought I would test just in case and I got a good line straight away! After 3 years and 2 failed embryo transfers, a early mc and a biochemical pregnancy this is my best ever line! So excited and scared all at the same time!!

There is hope for a natural BFP after a failed IVF cycle!! Xx

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  • Whoa! Hooray! Stick little baby!

  • Lovely news. Fingers crossed for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Congrats fabulous news πŸŽ‰

  • Great news! Fingers and toes crossed for you it have a smooth 9 months x

  • Thats fantastic!! All the best x

  • Congratulations! That's lovely news. Hope all goes well x

  • Big congratulations x x

  • Congratulations xxxx

  • Hi Bumpwanted congratulation Hun πŸ˜ƒ If u don't mind asking what was your fertility problem that make u go in beginning through IVF ? Xxx

  • Unexplained!! For 3 years! Thank you x are you going through ivf ? X

  • No Hun I did my first cycle in March and we end up with BPN πŸ˜” Is like almost 3 years we being trying . Doctor told us that we can conceive natural ...but is over 9 month later since my op in December after removing my one tube living me with one which was open and repair . I feel to giving up sometimes ...I'm 35 hubby 39 this year ... At the moment we try to "fight"...for one more round of IVF on NHS writing letter to CCG then my GP need to write the letter to them too and we need to write letter "from us "... In the same time 3week all ready I'm waiting for doctor in fertility clinic to send me letter with appointment to have a ultrascan and check up to do some extra test if I don't have fabroid or any different " things"...that stoping us to get pregnant . I know I got only one tube and 50% chances then woman with two healthy tubes but my hormones r good and Im ovulating every month ... I just want to do few test to know that I'm good and if I'm we my discuss what to do next .... U see that crazy u being trying for few years having unexplain fertility and now this good news. I feel like doctors don't care us much ...unless u push them or better if u got money ....then they may do something right ... Xxx

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