Getting my head round it all and trying to count my blessings💙

Getting my head round it all and trying to count my blessings💙

Has the worst week ever. Trying to find a positive out of all the negative and lost hopes and prayers.

I have never been pregnant( to my knowledge) in 4 years. This time it was natural.

It's not ectopic, my tubes are thankfully safe. Has to be a blessing right!

It didn't happen later after hearing a heart beat.

I now believe we could maybe fall pregnant💕

And lastly, my faith is the only thing along with my hubby that's getting me through all this.

Trying to count my blessings💕

Also, truly thankful to everyone here for their kindness, support and understanding. You girls are fabulous💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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  • You CAN get pregnant and naturally, that's amazing. I'm sorry it's been so tough on you. You will do this! One way or the other 😊 X

  • Allow yourself a little time to feel sad and look after yourself. You are so strong that you are counting your blessings at such a difficult time. U should b very proud of that attitude to life! Not many are blessed with it! Hugsxxx

  • Hi Miraclebeliever. Your cartoon is reminiscent of exactly what we did when we lost our little one, a long time ago. Diane

  • You will get through it. Have a wee break treat yourself and hope you start to feel better soon. Great news it was natural! Xxx

  • You are a strong lady with a wonderful husband and it is a great sign that you can get pregnant naturally. Take time to heal and face the future with your wonderful attitude. Sending love xx

  • Big hugs to you! Life is cruel xxx

  • so blessed, wishing you many blessing for the road ahead ❤️️🙏🏼💋

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