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I'm on my 10th cycle and it's my very last cycle which I'm finding it a struggle to come to terms with. I work in Pupil referral unit with children who suffer behaviour issue as well as other emotional issues. I've been on bruserelin for just under 3 weeks now start stims on 19th. I've decided to take time out from wrk and put myself first for a change. I want to give this cycle πŸ’―happiness from inside and out but feel so guilty abt my job has they won't understand how my emotions are at the moment. I

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  • Don't feel guilty you need to put yourself first. I'm a primary school teacher and understand it's not an easy job to take time off from. But if it's high stress levels and pupils can be violent not worth the risk. We re planning a private cycle in dec/Jan. Hoping to do some of it around the school holidays if possible as not sure if I'll get paid for time off. Good luck. Wow 10 cycles you really deserve a medal xx

  • Hi. Please don't feel guilty, we need to put ourselves first when it comes to situations like this.I've just completed my third cycle unfortunately with the outcome of a negative. Im a class based assistant head at a special school and due to the behaviour of the pupils in my class and the stress of the rest of my job I decided to take time off for all 3 cycles. I felt really guilty during cycle 1 and 2 but decided on this past cycle that i needed to put myself first and actually fully relaxed while off. Thankfully work have been pretty good and I really hope your place can be supportive of you too. I wish you all the luck in the world for this cycle xxx

  • Thanks @boothy1883 x

  • Your pupils and colleagues will cope without you, just like they would if you were off with the flu. I'm a SEN teacher and had time off after my 1st BFN as it all got too much. You could ask your GP to sign you off work if needed.

    We ceased after 3 rounds of ICSI = 3 BFNs, you're brave to keep trying. I really hope it works this time.

  • Thank you @pm27 I'm going to book an appointment with my GP see if I can be signed off sick for a bit.

  • Hi vonny27. Please don't feel so guilty about work, as they will be there when you get back. You're the most important person to worry about for now, so just you concentrate on this cycle of treatment. Obviously I wish you HUGE luck and of course, for success. Diane

  • Thank you DianeArnold I've woke up this morning happy that I'm not going to be there for a while. It's a start 😊

  • Hi vonny27. That's good to hear. Just you put your feet up and relax a little - nurse's orders!! Diane

  • Thanks DianeArnold I've just come back from a weekend away 13 of us, was crazy but lots of fun and rest. I've got doc today to see if I can be signed off wrk.

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