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Looking for someone I can connect with going through IUI leading to IVF

Hello everyone, i'm new on here :) Is there anyone who is on the waiting list to start IUI? We have got to wait for out 'set up' appointment to fill forms in etc until 16th Nov- then arrange to start treatment after that. We have been trying for 3.5 years- feeling very down and negative about the whole situation- similar situation to others stories on here- I have read below, with people telling me "it'll happen" and if you stop stressing it will happen.. I'm 30 in December and the only thing I wanted to achieve by 30 was to have my own family, so I feel i have failed :(

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Hey Hun! I have been in your shoes! I had two failed IUIs in Feb and may this year. I signed all my paper work back in January this year and my first IUI was in Feb. First IUI I took chlomid and second time I took menupor injections. Unfortunately it didn't work for us and my ivf was approved in July this year. I am start my down regulation injections for my first cycle today!! Because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you. I have endometriosis. Back in October last year I had a lap and dye test donee. You hospital may do the dye test to check if your tubes are not blocked. IUI is less intense than ivf but it reallyy shows your how ivf will be. The only difference is there is not egg collection with IUI. That's why hospitals like to do that firstt. Happy to answer any other questions you may havee. And hun don't worry about age. I am 29 x


Hiya, thanks for the reply :) Yes i've already had the dye test- at the moment they are saying there is nothing wrong with either of us- so every month is so frustrating :( Bit worried it's going to be even worse after having IUI/IVF as it puts more pressure on the situation :( How do you find things between you and your partner while going through it all, my hubby gets frustrated at me for being so upset all the time :( Really hope you have success in your IVF, how long have you been trying? xx


Hey hun like you I have unexplained infertility. My tubes are fine as my egg count etc and my husband seman analysis was normal. This whole process is emotionally draining and I felt so depressed after our failed IUIs. At the same time my sister was pregnant and she chose the name that my husband and I had chosen!!! Wasn't a good time but it brought my husband and I closer. We really are so close and we have decided if it doesn't work out then we have each other and that's the biggest of all from God. Everything else is a blessing. My husband done my injections for me as I was too scared. You will have your ups and down during this process and you will look for each symptoms after IUI and think your pregnant! But I do hope IUI works for you. X

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