Time off or not?

Hey all. Just looking for some advice for the 2ww, im not at that stage yet but wanted to ask some advice I have been told I can have the time off if I want too but I’m not sure what to do. Part of me thinks to have a week of rest for a week then go back the 2nd week but another part of me says to just have 1 day off then carry on as normal. I sit at a desk all day which is not stressful at all. Plus if my body’s not use to sitting at home doing nothing all day will that affect it? What are everyone else’s thoughts on what to do through the 2ww???

im trying not to think too much into it as I don’t want it to be more stressful than it needs to be 

xx Thanks all 

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  • Hi. Do what you think is best for your body and mind.

    I'm an assistant headteacher of an SEN school and took the full time off for the past 2 attempts but they were unsuccessful. I was going to go in work during this try but I've decided to work from home instead where I can go at my own pace, no stress from any of the other staff and if I want have a sleep or go for a walk I can do!

    You need to remain as relaxed as possible and if you feel your job isn't too stressful then maybe taking a few days off then going back in might help to take your mind of test day.

    Good luck 🍀🙏🏻🍀🙏🏻🍀

  • Thanks Boothy1883 yeah i can imagine your job can be stressfull. im swaying towards just carrying on going back to work they have said i can go home if i need too so there quite flexible. ive just heard so many things about it people saying to stay at home and rest but others saying carry on as the blood flow helps to warm the uterus. xxx

    Good Luck hope you get your BFP :)

  • I have had last week off and ec today and rest of this week off and I found that super helpful to relax. In terms of after transfer I had planned to go back to work to keep busy although I can see already my mind will likely be elsewhere if transfer successful. If it is an option I say time off is great as long as you keep busy as in keep your mind busy at least..lots of dvd box sets to get lost in xxx

  • Lol yeah deffo wil need to keep my mind busy. i know that no matter what i do its always going to be at the front of my mind but at home its easier for my mind to over think where as at work there so many people to distract me and work to concentrate on. maybe just 1 day off to chill after the transfer then back to normal lol xxx

  • This is such a personal decision and really does depend on you and the type of job you have. I have quite a stressful job (am a secondary school teacher in a very demanding school) but am usually quite laid back as i have been doing it a long while and tried to go in the first time ... I want prepared for the emotional hamering of some of the drugs that just meant I was a bit more vulnerable than normal and I really struggled. I've said this before but I think it is excellent advice from my embryologist. ... don't do anything that you could blame yourself for if it doesn't go right. This time I have taken a week off, have gone for a nice walk today and read a book, am going to the cinema tomorrow, acupuncture on Wednesday. ... just keeping it easy on myself. It's worked out well as I do have headaches and am struggling to sleep on the meds at the moment. Do what you want and be as selfish as you need to be 😊 and be prepared to amend the plan as you go xxxxxx

  • thats great advice thank you so much, i suppose i will know what to do when the time comes, and as you say depends how i feel on the meds at the time, im feeling much more in control now ive had chance to listen to other people thoughts. i think the people in my office will make the 2 weeks enjoyable to take my mind off it all which will be a great help :) xxxx

    good Luck :D

  • I think you're better to keep busy to be honest. I'm a teacher and was lucky to be on summer holidays during my first cycle. Def rest first 48 hours and as long as it's not stressful working would be fine. I found the wait during my first cycle torture and would rather be busy x

  • I'm on my 2nd week and booked it as holiday I'm just doing things with family friends some pampering , lunches and looking round shops. I have a sit down desk job which isn't too stressful but I didn't want to be at work the day of my test in case they ring with bad news. Also thought week off Would be less stressful for me personally x

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