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Hi All,

im having my FET next week and im really confused and not sure what to do for the 2ww as part of me whats to have a week off but then again i want to go back to work. some people say to rest and others say just carry on as normal. does it really make a difference to the success rate depending on if you rest alot or are sat at work, i dont have a stressful job and i am just sat at my desk so not a physical job either. i have booked off the day of transfer and 3 days after. just wondered if anyone has has any BFP going straight to work after a day or so and what other people recommend?

hope all of you in the 2ww are doing well i wish you the best of luck for BFP!!! :D

Thank you :) xxxx

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  • I had full 2ww off with my fresh cycle and drove myself mad, ended in chemical, had 3 days off after my FT and still ended in chemical! Felt better being back at work though and mines a desk job. They reckon with FET not too much bed rest as need to keep the blood flowing. With my next cycle I'll have a few days off after then return to work, far better for me being at work mentally and emotionally as stops me googling everything and driving myself mad! I've been pregnant naturally a few times and the one that got the furthest I was being thrown in the air by dolphins on my honeymoon and didn't know then I was pregnant! So as long as your calm I don't really think having lots of bed rest makes a difference! X

  • Thank you that really helps i think i will stick to my 3 days off an then return to work to keep my mind busy :) so sorry to hear of both of your chemicals. good luck! :D xc

  • I have always gone straight back to work and felt very emotional, tired, stressed etc so this time my 4th time I am being signed off for the full 2ww my doc then recommended if it's positive to have another few week signed off til I know everything is ok x

  • thank you.i hope you get your BFP this time! my work place are aware of it and have said if i want the time off i can its up to me. think i will have the few days off come back to work and then see how i feel i can always go back home if i feel im too stressed and worried. i suppose noone really knows what to do for the best and we can over think it lol xxx

  • Hi Hun I went back 4 days into my 2ww and got a bfn but don't blame work. But I work in a tough school and it's stressful plus I'm a head of year so planning on starting treatment during easter hols (short protocol) when I get Aunt Flo and go from there. If all goes ok then I be in 2ww when I go back work but I'm going to stay off and then try get signed off as I did struggle last time xxx

  • Thank you I wish you all the best of luck for your next cycle x

  • It really shouldn't make a difference. I went back to work the next day and carried on as normal. When I came home I just put my feet up, haven't done housework since!! Lol. I test on Thursday so we will see...

  • I too have a desk job but I had a really long stressful commute so I chose to have the implantation time off if that makes says? They say little bean implants between day 5-7 after transfer and so I took up until then off, purely because of the stressful drive. I asked my specialist for their opinion and she said women can go back to work same day if they want but if it doesn't work you'll blame every little thing you didn't do so just do what you need to make that list shorter in that situation. Medicine says it doesn't matter so just do what your gut tells you :) good luck xxx

  • I will say I wasn't bed rest though I was moving around the house and doing very very light house work just to keep the blood flowing xxx

  • Thank you, i think i will stick to having my few days off then and give the embryo time to implant before going back to work. then i can have some time to relax and have a few sleep in's lol xxx

  • Can I ask; how many embryos are you having transferred Tigerlily01?

  • im just having 1 transferred as the clinics policy is one at a time unless circumstances change xxx

  • Ok thanks for replying and good luck πŸ€ x

  • no problem how are you getting on? xx

  • Tired, bloated. Headaches have eased a bit though 😊 Finish Buserelin Friday and will be up to 3 oestrogen tablets a day. Scan on Monday and hopefully transfer the following week πŸ€ Still don't know whether to opt for one or two 😟 X

  • aww i hope you feel better soon :D I'm sure you will make the right decision. it totally depends on how you would feel about having the risk of 2 baby or even 3 or 4 lol if they both stick. wishing you lots of luck :D xxx

  • On my fresh cycle I only took a couple of days of after transfer which ended in a BFN. I found being at work very stressful during my 2ww.So I have decided when I have my FET in March I will take the 2 weeks off, and I plan on watching as many box sets as I can LOL.

    I have no idea if it will make a difference but I'm hoping if I'm less stressed , and can chill at home I will feel better, whatever the outcome!

    Wishing you all the best with your transfer, and fingers crossed for your BFP!!


  • Thank you, wishing you the best of luck too when you have your FET. i think its such a hard decision to make as no one really knows whats best. I'm going to have a few days off an then go back to work see how i feel i can always come home again if i feel its the wrong decision to go back to work. xxx

  • How are you getting on Tigerlily01? x

  • Hiya just bought my tests ready for tomorrow test day. Honestly don't know which way it's going to go but trying to stay positive. How are you doing xxx

  • I'm ok. Only 3dp 5dfet. Feeling a bit crazy lol. Have you had any symptoms at all? Any gut feelings? I really hope you get your bfp tomorrow x

  • Aww gdgd and thank you i hope it goes fast for you and you get a great result..ive Had a few twinges and feeling tired really sore boobs they feel heavy an have got bigger but that could be down to the Meds I'm trying not to think too much into it. I'm excited to test but really scared too lol xxx

  • I know what you mean; any "symptom" could be down to meds. It's so difficult, impossible to know either way I guess.. I'll look forward to seeing your post tomorrow πŸ€ X

  • Yeah that's true cud be anything or all in my head lol I will let you know how I get on tomorrow xxx

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