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Sick leave or holiday?

I have received my treatment calendar for my first round of IVF and now have to think about what I will tell my manager with regards to what time I will need off work, i'm really torn whether to ask for the TWW as holiday or just get signed off sick, I feel guilty using sick time but at the same time I don't want to end up using up all the rest of my holiday as whether the IVF works or doesn't I may want a break from work! Would love to know what you guys decided to do when it came down to it? obviously I could just work the TWW but worried this might put the pregnancy chances at risk as i'm a nurse and my job is very physical and stressful! please help any advice or just what you decided to do would be awesome thanks in advance xxx

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Hi pMauz. I think it will all depend upon whether your manager knows you are having treatment?? If he/she does, then perhaps you could go on "light" duties for the 2WW. There is always self certification for 5 days, or ask you GP to sign you off for a "medical procedure". just some thoughts. I do wish you huge luck with it all. Diane


Hi pMauz - I took sick leave after a lot of deliberation and I'm so glad that I did. I was really worried about taking it, I was upset when the nurse suggested getting signed off for two weeks but I felt like I needed it. My GP just put 'hospital appointments' on the note so that my nosey colleagues couldn't have a look! Looking back it flew by, though at the time I felt like the clocks had stopped! Whatever you decide to do I hope everything goes well with your treatment :) x x x


The company I work for has a IVF policy so it might be worth checking if there is one where you work. Hospital visits and days of ECs were recorded as medical treatment and days after to recover from genetal anaesthetic was taken as sick leave. I was able to carry on working during 2ww but my job isn't physically demanding. My clinic said to avoid heavy lifting and housework during 2ww. As Diane suggests if you can't be put on light duties you can ask your GP to sign you off for the 2ww. You shouldn't have to use annual leave as you are undergoing medical treatment.


I decided to use my leave for all my rounds, just so that I didn't have to answer any medical questions on returning to work etc. I generally chilled and caught up with tv.

The fresh cycles I took the 2ww off, but for FET I only had enough for a week.

This time, hubby has taken the time off too, but he gets bored easily and the cabin fever sets in. I've had to rein him in a bit on wanting to go and do everything now....

You just have to do what is best for you...its all about you now!!



I worked up to my egg retrieval on last 2 IVF treatments and had sick leave upto test date. This time I'm being signed off from when I start my injectiions to give me the best possible chance, as we are funded this cycle ourselves. I work in residential home and it's both stressful and demanding, especially shift work and doing injectiions in work. Good luck and remember do whatever you feel comfortable doing. Xxx


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