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anyone had modified natural ivf?


I have had x4 failed fresh ivf cycles using high dose stims (total of 450IU Gonal f and Menopur) due to my low AMH and age.

I know my chances are low but I am not ready to give up yet! (finances allowing!). I can't quite get my head around DEs at present and I am now considering trying natural modified ivf.

I have found a few people when I searched the website for modified natural ivf but wondered whether there was anyone else out there who can share their experience with it e.g. dose of drugs used, number and quality of eggs & embryos etc.

I have an appointment this coming week with the clinic and any details/advice/Qs to ask would be appreciated


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Hi sugarspice. I am currently doing a 3 cycle package of natural modified IVF, freezing as we go along with one FET at the end. I have not tried conventional IVF. I have low egg reserve while my left ovary is inaccessible due to an endometrioma so follicles have been abandoned on that side, and swollen tubes means both ovaries/follicles are sometimes hard to see. The approach of my clinic is to stimulate to get the most mature eggs rather than stimulate and collect immature eggs from my low reserve, therefore not wasting them. I have so far done two cycles. Both cycles I had more follicles than at base scan but they grew slower than expected. First cycle I was on Gonal F 150iu and EC was a week behind predicted schedule - 2 eggs collected with 1 frozen blastocyst on day 6. Second cycle I started on Gonal F 150iu which was upped to 225iu. EC was 1.5 weeks later than scheduled and 2 eggs again with 1 frozen day 3 8cell embryo.

I know two in the freezer isn't many but I do have a complex anatomy(!) so can't expect many, and we know it is about quality not quantity. My clinic provided a lot of information and statistics around women with low egg reserves, approaches and outcomes. I feel this approach is better for me as I wanted to avoid too many drugs and feel fine on them. I hope this helps in some way.


From what I've worked out - if you are around the age of 40 then the clinics like you to go for donor eggs as the chance of using our own eggs seems a pretty low response, sadly. However please be aware that if you choose to go down that route, that not all the embryos are that good a quality even though they may meet the criteria for being able to donate.

It's such a hard decision and costly too.

Unless I meet someone and try that way, I can only use donor eggs or adopt.

Good luck though and let us know how you get on x

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