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Trying for a second baby?

Hi everyone,

We were extremely lucky and had a beautiful baby boy in July this year after our 1st IVF attempt. This ended three years of constant appointments, upset and general misery for us and it has been a true blessing.

We always knew that we would like to have two children though and already I feel anxious about this being impossible. I have severe pcos and never ovulate or have any periods so natural conception is highly unlikely.

We have some frozen embryos from the last cycle and i wondered if anyone had gone on to have a transfer after successful IVF? Iv heard success rates are lower but can't work out why? How long is it recommended to wait? I feel like time isn't on my side and I just want to know if it will ever happen.

I know I am truly blessed and I remember this everyday but I can't shake that feeling that I always wanted to have two children.

I hope this doesn't seem selfish and would love any advice or experiences of others??


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Hello x firstly congratulations on the birth of your baby boy :) I know this situation isn't quite the same but it may help answer your question. I gave birth to my beautiful boy in May this year but unfortunately he was stillborn at 36 weeks. He was actually a natural conception after a failed embryo transfer. I was desperate to be pregnant again straight away but we waited until the PM results. We went for FET in August and I am now 8 weeks pregnant. FET's are becoming more successful than fresh transfers I think. My midwife said there is no right time to try again but I felt most comfortable having 3 periods in between and they were regular so I felt my body had recovered enough.

You are not being selfish and I think I would be exactly the same as I am 37 and always wanted more than one child. You go with your gut and when it feels right for you, also you are more fertile after giving birth! My consultant told me that!

Lou x


I'm so sorry to hear what you have been through and wish you all the best with this pregnancy. Thank you for replying though and not thinking I'm just being selfish.

I don't think I will be more fertile since having little one as I'm currently fully breastfeeding and my pcos has always been so bad. I'm starting to wean the breastfeeding now though looking towards future treatment.

I really hope that's true about FET being more successful. I was told that if you've had a baby from one egg collection, it's unlikely you'll have another but I don't see why that would be true. I will ask my consultant.

I thought having a baby would stop my feelings of inadequacy with regards my fertility but it really hasnt.

All the best with everything, you deserve your little miracle xx


Hi spongy Its lovely to read your story i did my first cycle of ICSI last year and i now have a 6 month old son this was our first cycle . we have one embryo left in freeze and we have already had an appointment with the consultant and then on 12th october we have an information session to sign forms etc and to find out when we can start Xx


Congratulations Rosie! When my little one is 6 months I would like to be at your stage. Did you breastfeed at all? Did they talk about minimal time between? X


A friend of a friend has two boys by ICSI, not sure if 2nd child was from FET.

2nd Success from the same EC prob depends on your age and the number of eggs and embryos you produced... it's a numbers game. The stats for aneuploidy for my age group are not good. But my clinic won't freeze embryos unless they are of a certain quality, so hopefully nothing too ropey in your freezer!

I did find FET much less demanding on the body. It's thought this may be why FET success rates are so similar to Fresh cycles.

I totally get the burning desire for a 2nd child... I didn't get it after my first, as I had PND, but hubby did! And when I came out of the fog, it was almost as consuming as trying to fall for no.1. (But I was wrong side of 40 by then!!)

The desire is going as the anxiety about a healthy baby rises... so don't wait!

For advice about drugs and breast feeding, check the bfn website - they have a pharmacist who writes great info sheets... maybe someone's asked her about timings. I can't see why you need to wait after stopping feeding. Except you need period day1's to work from.

I should think how you feel your body has recovered from the pregnancy and birth might be more important. A friend was advised not to have another child within two years as it wud be a 2nd cesarean.

Good luck with your frosties. Xx


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