How far in advance did you get your egg collection date?

Hey! Just wanted to know how far in advance everyone got their egg collection date? We were given a date for the end of November and I have booked a week off work but from stories I have read on here it's not necessarily going to be that date? I'm getting really worried now as I don't have any more time to take off work :( xx

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  • Hi BabyD good luck for your treatment first of all... They can give you an indication of when it's likely to be but it all depends on your scans and follicle growth, I had to stim for an extra day on my cycle so the EC was moved back a day... A lot of ladies on here get their doctor to sign them off work for a couple of weeks (some more than this) so that they don't have to worry about time off work, is this an option for you? Xxx

  • I'm self employed so unfortunately I'm very limited with the time I can take off and I'm not entitled to the same kind of leave as people in 'normal' jobs. They've given me an exact date so I'm hoping it will be this date or later as its a Monday so I booked the whole week off. If it's the week before then I'm buggered!! Going to see the nurse on the first day of my period so should know more then, I'm just in panic mode! X

  • I'm in the same position as you then... If I don't work I don't get paid! I think the date they've given will be the earliest it can be, if anything it will be later. Best of luck for it all, it goes by so fast once you start injecting xxx

  • Hey BabyD,

    I haven't been given any exact dates for EC yet. I was given an indication of when it roughly would take place.

    I think depending on how the growth of follicles is etc this date can change as sometimes you need some extra injections.

    I don't think it's likely to fall the week before you have booked off. If you've booked the whole week off and EC is due the Monday then hopefully if any dates do change it'll only be by a day or so still giving you enough time off work.

    Good luck with everything. Hope your EC date goes to plan 😊 xxx

  • I was given an idea but I didn't respond as quick as they thought I would so I got told 5 days before but they were given me a 2 weeks sick note too so I just warmed work id be going off sick. Good luck xx

  • Hi All,

    My clinic gives a date that is a Monday, and specify "expected week of egg collection, commencing Monday dd/mm".

    That's all they can give, as people need different lengths of stim. I guess they may vary your daily dose, if your follicles are growing very quick or very slow - logistically they need to fit most people into their normal theatre schedule.

    I am currently heading for 5 or 6 extra days stim, so my EC is going to be a week or so behind.... but I am showing typical poor ovarian response for my age (hating being told its my age, at my scan every 2 days!!)

    Best wishes for your treatment, and trying to suss the timings to fit with work etc. Xx

  • Oh so sorry to hear that. Where are you having your treatment? That sounds like what my clinic have done - but I've booked that week off work and can't physically get any more time off so fingers crossed I'm not a week late!! :( xx

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