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Hi all..totally new here and to ivf so a novice in both camps. I have to say I have found reading posts on here so helpful, inspiring and brave. My husband and I have been ttc for two years and I can't quite believe we have got here. I cried at every appointment up till now as felt so sad we were here however now I just feel emotially and physically exhausted but strangely in a kind of good way as now we finally here it feels exciting. We started injections last week and my husband is a fab nurse it seems๐Ÿ˜€. We are trying to see the funny side of it all and I took time off work to focus on chilling out and my own well being and I feel pretty good. We are in for our scan on Friday so nerves kicking in..good folicly luck to all out there xxx

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  • Wish you lots of luck x

  • Good luck for Friday! ๐Ÿ€

    I start my first ivf treatment a week today and I'm so excited but so nervous at the same time.

    Definitely a great idea that you took some time of work. You definitely need some time to chill and relax through this.


  • Amanda so much luck to you and keep in touch and hopefully we both get good news xx

  • Thank you so much! I really hope we get our BFP! Xxx

  • Hey vic, welcome Hun. It's understandable the way you are feeling, it's like a rollercoaster ride this journey. I wish you all the best with your treatment & hopefully your husband will be running round after you for the next 9 months ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป Xx

  • Thanks so much..I love it in fact as he is running round after me now..could get so used to thus๐Ÿ˜‰xx

  • Good luck hun! Xx

  • Good luck! You'll find lots of support here as/when you need it. Be super kind to yourself throughout xxx

  • Thanks daisy14. This forum is great. Having a bad morning as my injections were very sore but checked on here and lots of lovely messages of support.we are such fabulous women๐Ÿ˜€. Ok a day of trash DVDs for me it is๐Ÿ˜€xx

  • Best of luck xxx

  • Thank you so much xxx

  • It's a sobering reality when it finally comes down to IVF- but, thank goodness IVF is there as an option. ICSI IVF worked for us, we now have twin girls. Good luck for your treatment. Xx

  • Lots of luck with your treatment!

  • Thanks so much x

  • Ah...wishing you lots of luck and love on your journey ahead xx

  • Thank you so much xx

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