Another hurdle crossed!

so following my BFP from my second round of IVF (FET) which seems like forever ago I had my dating scan yesterday. According to the clinic I should have been 12+3 but the sonographer said 13+2! I still don't understand how the dates can change with IVF?! She said baby looked beautiful and healthy but was difficult to get a good picture because he (I'm convinced) was doing a headstand! I thought I'd share as these sort of stories really helped give me hope when I was one of the unlucky ones, I honestly didn't think I'd be the one posting this one day! Please hang in there, it's a tough journey but worth every second to see your baby wriggling away! Lots of luck and baby dust to you all. Oh and hello second trimester!! 😲 xxx

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  • Lovely news! Maybe you have a olympic gymnast in the making!!! We had our 7weeks scan this week and she said our dates may change, which I found confusing as well. Feels like an eternity until our dating scan! Enjoy your 2nd trimester. X

  • my hubby said I must have a fan assisted oven! 😂 as it's a week ahead of what the clinic dated me at. I had to do some strange gymnastics myself to try and get baby in a better position for the scan! Best of luck for your next scan x

  • Congratulations. It's lovely hearing so many positive stories. I had my dating scan Thursday after a heavy bleed and I got dated 13 weeks instead of 12+3 but the baby was dancing too much to get a good measurement. We agreed to change the date to 2 days earlier than the ivf worked out as. We are now due 1st April. Have you had to go under consultant care? I'm just intrigued to see if anyone has any info on the care xx

  • my midwife said as I've had no complications I can be midwife led which suits me! I'm due 29th march now (was 4th April) congratulations on your positive scan xxx

  • Wow...Congratulations.

  • Fantastic news. Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will be problem free. x

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