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Testing for vitamin and mineral levels

Hi ladies I'm taking the daily pre conception vitimins but I am interested in getting all my vitamin and mineral levels checked out to see if I need to double up on anything before I start ivf next march, I have already asked my fertility consulant who said they won't test on the nhs so I'm looking for a clinic in the uk lonon where I get can this done, is anyone able to recommend anywhere or done the same thing I've heard that vit D can affect fertility chances and now we're not getting much sun I would like to check this before winter arrives xxx

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That's strange cos I had all mine checked at the clinic (CRGH in central London) as part of my nhs treatment. My vitamin d was virtually non existent so I was put on a huge dose. For the time being I'd take vitamin d supplements anyway, it can't hurt and might make a huge difference. Ask your gp for the blood tests though. I can't see them saying no


Hi nmill. Providing that you are eating a good balance diet you should be getting enough vitamins. Most ladies do take a good quality vitamin supplement made up especially for pre-conception. Always make sure that you are taking Folic Acid too. Maybe nearer the time, you could ask your GP to check out your vitamin D level. Lots of women have slightly low levels of this vitamin, as they are not so exposed to the sun. even when they are, high factor sunscreen is often used, to cut out the sun's rays. All the best when you get to start your treatment cycle. Diane


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