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Hello everyone, I don't get to come on here a lot as I work a lot 😢 I've just had my final appointment with the sub-fertility doc and he said my amh is abit low at 8.2 but he not worried and my partner's sperm doesn't live for very long but not worried and we are having Ivf and I'll be on the short protocol, the only thing is I feel like he rushed the appointment abit and was trying to rush a start date, I just don't want to feel fobbed off. I don't know if it's just me worrying about it to much xx

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  • Hey, I've read many success stories with low AMH....lower than yours so try not to be too disheartened! I can't offer you any success stories with low AMH, mine was 7.19 but starting again soon. Just wanted offer some words of support! I'm sure some other lucky ladies can offer their success stories that give us all hope! Oh & ICSI might be the way to go for the sperm issue. Wishing you all the best!xx

  • Thankyou so much for your reply, I saw a post earlier about low amh and it gave me so much hope, I just can't stop over thinking about everything. I did mention too the sub fertility doctor about icsi and he said he was happy to be through Ivf.

    Thankyou again in replying and i wish you all the best with your next cycle.

    Sending lots of baby dust xx

  • Thank you! You should ask about DHEA too, I've read a few positive stories how it can help with the yield of eggs in women with low AMH.x

  • Oh I've never heard of that, I will ask.

    Thankyou again xx

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