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Hi all i have my first appointment with the fertility clinic next month as my husband has teratozoospermia. Only problem is he travels alot for work. And i wanted to know what the process is once you've attended the clinic? Im just so stuck as husband cant take alot of time off from work and i dont want to put the whole thing on hold any longer 😞

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  • Hi. I have that problem as my hubby also works away. When I started my nhs ivf cycle they gave me a list of all protocol dates and star marked the ones he had to go to. Think it was only about 2 of the 12 stages he had to attend but he managed to make more. He has to be there to fill in and sign paperwork, to get bloods taken and then at the end to give sample. Hope that helps x

  • Thanks Katya38 that has made me fell so much better. Husband will attend appointment and does he need to let them know that he travels for work? Also how long does all the process take so far

  • Yes you could do but it's not a major problem as long as he makes the vital appointments. It takes about 6 weeks from your first shot which stops your natural cycle to your pregnancy test date. That is if you get through the whole process. If you don't get to egg transfer only a month. So you haven't had any appointments at all yet? Think our appointments to do all the paperwork, get bloods taken etc started maybe 6 weeks before the official ivf. Good luck xx

  • Hi Naz82. Men with this condition can always opt to have sperm stored frozen for use, if you need to, so probably a good idea to mention this possibility with your clinic. That way, your husband doesn't need to be present at all appointments. Good luck with it all. Diane

  • hi, sure sperm freezing and IVF-ICSI is the best option for you and your dh is needed just for the first visit, I guess. now they can do miracles even from very bad sperm. in the clinic where we had our tx, they said that the majority of ivfs are using icsi now. so don't worry. it works

    good luck

  • Hi thankyou all for your replies. On our hospital letter it says both partners have to attend appointment

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