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travel to Kiev and meeting our surro

Hi all

I’m starting this thread to share my super joyful emotions with you!

Last week we traveled to Kiev Ukraine to meet our surrogate for the first time! it was unforgettable time. she felt a bit awkward but she is nice. we could touch her bump and even feel slight movements of our babies! we were also present at ultrasound check - and... this was amazing. It just wasn't enough for me to stay there just for two days

Now looking forward for our 20 weeks US scan. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to come but I hope they will tell us babies’ sex this time.

Looking forward for that day

Maybe this is wrong but I already want to go baby shopping and get the baby room ready for my twins


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Ah that's so lovely!! Twins!how amazing! Double the joy!! x


Hi Lady_in_red. Lovely news to hear that all is going well with your babies. I'm sure it will seem strange for your surrogate at first, but she will get to know you. I've met many surrogates over the years, and they are all truly wonderful, precious ladies. My own GP and his wife had their children via 2 different surrogates, and the children are growing up well and the family is so complete and happy. Thinking of you. Diane


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