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need help with chart

im fed up with waiting for af now, when i have temp drop im hoping its af, but she never turns up. i want to start opk's and inseminate again, af please hurry up and visit so i can kick u out after 4 days.

i inseminated cd14 cause opk was pos and heard sperm stays in body for days and because i couldnt do next day insemination, i thought once was enough. i started temping again, because its another way of showing o so started taking temp at 7am and then the last 4 days started at 6am my original time.

im getting alot of ewcm but negative opk.

plz help, thanks

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Hi your chart is a little confusing with temps everywhere. Download an app called kindara and input your daily data to that, on that app it's a little more advanced and they a community who helps and comments on your charts and you do them. Other than that I would say your temp drop is so great it doesn't look good for BFP this month as you say your waiting for AF


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