Miracles do happen

Just wanted to say ladies miracles do happen and mine arrived on Saturday, a beautiful baby boy. First time success with a round of ICSI we had 19 eggs collected but only one embryo developed to a excellent condition for transferring and none suitable for freezing. We really had our doubts it would work but just shows you all you need is that one lucky embryo 😊. Never give up ladies x

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  • Aww lovely news!! Congratulations xxx

  • That's lovely to read and encouraging. congratulations xx

  • Great news, congratulations xox

  • wow....glad to know it...congras.....it gives us more hope....

  • Congratulations xx

  • Many congratulations! :-)

  • What a lovely story - congratulations gillybeans, hope you and your little boy are healthy and well x x x

  • Ah that's brilliant! Now that's what you call a one hit wonder😁 Thank you for that little bit of hope x

  • Congratulations ❤️👶🏼

  • Awww congratulations! Fantastic news xxx

  • Congratulations. Enjoy every minute of your little miracle. Xxxx

  • Awesome news. Enjoy your little one 😊

  • Congratulation gillybean, thank you for the hope and enjoy every minute xx

  • Huge congratulations 💕💕

  • Congratulations! Lovely news!xx

  • Brilliant news - Congratulations!! Giving me some positive thinking on this long, worrying journey xxx

  • Wow,amazing to hear. Congrats and may the miracle worker continue to protect you and your baby .👖👕💗👏

  • Wow Hun big congratulation 😃Xx

  • Congratulations x

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