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Egg collection yesterday.... now waiting for The Call!

So EC was done yeasterday afternoon - rubbish time as I had half of the day to work myself up for something that only took 15 -20 minutes! Really not as bad as I feared it would be, especially at the start when I could barely feel anything. It started to be a bit more painful when the Dr probed more deeply but they offered gas and air so the rest of the procedure was a happy breeze! Slightly tender afterwards, but I spent a few hours on the sofa watching crappy tv and now I'm back at work and not feeling a thing :-) oh and they got 13 eggs so I am happy with that, just waiting for the phone call now!

So just wanted to wish all the ladies with EC coming up the very best of luck!!

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thats a good number...al d best...i wish u get more fertilized eggs...


That really good number Medeine 😃 and u lucky that your recovery was so Kwik . I can still feel "yesterday EC "☺️ Still on sofa ☺️ Wish u al d best x


Hi Medeine - that's a great result! Hope there's more good news to follow x x x


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