Update (11w3d scan on 25Aug)

Update (11w3d scan on 25Aug)

Hi guys!

Thank you for your lovely messages.

I eventually had my scan at Kings College Hospital today.

So i had last scan at 7w3d ( in ivf clinic)and today's scan at 11w3d.

Babies all doing well and each set measures 1twin in tact with 11w3d and another is a bit ahead which scanographer pointed as great thing at first ( bigger babbies better chances on survival).

However when we saw a prof Nicolaides he pointed that its could easily lead to TTTS and few other complications... He highly recommended tobasically "put 2 babies asleep" by injecting smth in them.

We had some time totalk.with my husband and decided that even.tho risks are very high ( 50 %of miscarriage before 24 weeks,100% premature labor and possibility of children die after delivery, be disabled, etc...etc...etc)! We are leaving things to nature! So keeping all 4 and if problem arise...we will deal with it!

We might be stupid... But absolutely on the same page with my hubby about it.

So now ilbe seeing prof Nicolaides and his team every 2 weeks for monitoring both sets of twins! Hopping no complications arise!

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  • Omg how amazing... πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I don't blame you for Making that decision, what an impossible choice To have to make!! Whatever will be will be but you look like the law of averages work on your side! 😊 What a HUGE blessing ❀️❀️❀️ Lucky lady! XXXX

  • That's brilliant news, I admire your decision and wish you all the best! Am 100% behind you! 😘

  • I totally see why you've made that decision. x

  • This is so amazing honestly I love to see your updates xx it must be such an amazing feeling having four little people growing inside xx

  • Ah brilliant news they all OK...will be looking out for your updates...take care and all the best xxx

  • I wish you all the best and fingers crossed all works out

  • That is just amazing, congratulations! You are not stupid, you are making the right decision for you. Glad they are keeping a super close watch on you. Look after yourself xx

  • Totally amazing.

    My mams cousins daughter in law got 4 healthy quads following IVF , so it is possible 😊.

    I wish you all the luck in the world that everything works out for you.

  • Hope everything goes well xx

  • That's great news. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy x

  • Congratulations, I'd make the same decision. So pleased for you & those babies have an extended IVF family willing them to all be strong & healthy xx

  • Xxx

  • Oh Pritsko I've been wondering how you've been getting on! Thank you for updating us, it sounds like you're doing amazing, I am hoping and wishing and praying for you that all of your babies stay healthy and well. Hope you are feeling well in yourself too, what an amazing lady! Take care x x x

  • Thank you darling. Im actually foing really well, anxious about the future but physically strong))))

  • This is great news, I think you are amazing :) x

  • This is absolutely amazing!!πŸ’– Glad they are all coming along well. What a decision to have to make but I would do the same! I wish you all the very best!!xx

  • Oh my goodness this post just choked me up😒. What a difficult decision to make. In my eyes though you have definitely made the right one. Well done on your journey so far and here's to a healthy and happy pregnancy ❀️

  • What a terrible decision to have to make I have to say tho I'd prob have done the same as you I will keep you in my prayers that god will watch over all your little bubas and keep them healthy xo

  • Hi pritsko2011. Thank you soooo much for this wonderful update. I know Mr Nicolaides and he is an amazing obstetrician - learnt much from him. I'm with your decision 100%. You had to give nature a helping hand to get this far, and I'm sure nature will take over now and look after you and your babies. Here's to your next scan, and do let me/us know how things are going. xxxx's for babies and gentle hugs for you - oh and a pint for your fella!! Diane

  • Thank you!

    He is Black &White isn't he?! He said he will look after me and babies, he guarantee anything but supports our decision) x

  • Hi. I tell you something, he has saved many pregnancies and babies! So pleased you are under his care. Diane

  • Truly amazing x

  • Aaah honey they look great, hoping and praying for each and every one. God willing they grow strong and healthy and come into the world to be with their super parents.

  • Wow. Congrats hunny. I do admire your bravery. I pray everything goes to plan. Best wishes. Xxx

  • I've wanted to say this since your first post but wanted to see what you decided. I completely agree, the human body is its own miracle and it will decide how your story will go. You have come this far let's see how it goes. We are all here for you good luck xxxxx

  • Defo think you made the right choice, I would have done the same. Sounds like they are treating you well and looking after you. Good Luck with everything and keep us all updated xxxx

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