Little update on my 4some (scan on 22 /09/16)

Little update on my 4some (scan on 22 /09/16)

Hi guys! For those who following my pregnancy.

We had our scan at 15,5 weeks and it is confirmed we are having 2girls and 2 boys however this exciting news was outweighed by mesuarments of the babies ( each baby in each sets measures different) so that might lead to TTTS (or i possibly have it already) and most probably 6 October i would be having laser surgery.

I also had unexpected bleed last Wednesday night( thought I pissed myself) since then little brown discharge ( only when i wipe...)

I feel very well otherwise and staying hopeful and positive)

Maybe its time to start thinking about the names...

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  • Quadruplets! wow this is amazing! Wishing you all the luck in the world!! xxxxxxx

  • Wow what an incredibly exciting and scary time for you all rolled into one! Thanks for keeping us updated. Wishing you and the babies the best of health x

  • Thank you x

  • Wow congratulation Hun πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒxx

  • Congratulations. You look glowing!

  • Looking amazing! So chuffed all is going greatπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Wow that's a lovely bump! Sorry to hear that you may need surgery for TTTS though! Thanks for the update! Good luck with the names....not an easy job choosing one name let alone 4!x

  • Aspecially considering im Russian. My hubby Italian and we live in UK))))

  • Beautiful bump! Amazing but scary times for you Hun x I pray all little babies will even out! Good luck for the 6th! What will they do? Your story is amazing! Xx

  • Its a laser surgery to separate twins mutual veins and ets so they dont suck"juices' from each other i guess... Its obviously more complicated than that...

    If you Google TTTS treatment it will explain a bit more...

    Only common for identical twins((

  • Awww congratulations! It's always nice hearing an update. Amazing that your family will be complete! Xx

  • I love hearing your updates and your bump is wonderful. Good luck with everything xx

  • Thank you x

  • Wow amazing. Love following your story X

  • Your updates are fascinating xx hope all it well xx

  • I was only wondering about you the other day.

    Glad you are still being strong and they are looking after you.

    Look after yourself X

  • Congratulations! ! Wow 6 babies xx

  • Sorry I meant 4 am sure 6 would be pushing it a bit!!xx

  • Ahaha πŸ˜‚

    We double double checked its deff 4)))) Xxxxx

  • This is simply amazing. I have everything crossed for you. I really hope everything goes well with all 4 babies. You are truly blessed. Best wishes. xxx

  • You looking fab...ah boys and girls..lovely..good luck with laser treatment and wishing you luck for rest of pregnancy to be good.lots of love xx

  • OMG that's amazing!! Congratulations - what a result - 4 babies for the price of 1! lol Best of luck!! xxx

  • Oh pritsko! I wonder how you're getting on all the time - what a lovely pic! So glad to hear you are feeling well, bless you! Let's hope there are no more scares along the way! Sending love to all five of you! x x x

  • Thank you darling! Im dreading next Thursday ( scan and possible surgery) but excited to meet the multiple consultant next Wednesday ( yes we still haven't talked to anyone who cam answer my question about extra vitamins, calories and etc i should be taking) .

    Hope all is well with you and uour other half! Xxxxx

  • Hi pritsko2011. Thank you for the update and your photo. Just hoping all goes well tomorrow and the Prof is looking after you all well. Request a chat with the dietician there too to get advice about eating and vitamins etc. Please don't forget to keep me updated if you can or email me at Gentle hugs! Diane

  • Hi Diane!

    The scan and possible surgery will be next Thursday (6thOct).

    Will keepupdated x

  • Hi pritsko2011. Oh please do. I was just thinking that they must be 16/40wks soon and growing fingernails and eyelashes - amazing! I hope you are talking to them and playing them music, because by next week they will be able to hear noises - how amazing is that?! The last lot of triplets that I help to deliver started senior school last week - 2 boys and a girl. This is true, that their middle names are Thomas, Richard and Harriett - Tom, Dick & Harry!!! Thought that might make you chuckle. Will be thinking of you lots next week. Diane

  • Im 16 weeks 2 d today ( i had egg collection on Monday so every Monday starts new week for me).

    We started to think about names already... Itsnot going to be easy!

  • Hi pritsko2011. Not my call, but short and sweet would be good! Diane

  • Wow congratulations amazing news! Best of luck xx

  • Hi pritsko2001. Hi there! Hope you are keeping well. Was just wondering how you are all doing. I would love to know please if you have time, either here or email me in confidence to Diane

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