Update scan at 13w3d (8/9/16)

Hi guys! A little update from me +my 4)))

7th in the morning i had a little ( like half an hour long) bleed of bright pink blood, rather watery with no clots or any pain...

I decided against going to A&E or EPU as my local ones dont have scanning facilities and i had scan booked for 8th anyway.

So the scan showed 4 healthy babies growing as they should. We stillhave size discrepancies between twins in each set (62.2 mm/75.2mm) +(85.4mm/77.6mm) but professor Nicolaides said its stable and he hopes it stays like this...

Well from 7th i still have a tint of brown on and off when i wipe myself after loo. It sort of conserns me ( due to having early miscarriage last year) but equally not as it seems only tint no clots or a proper discharge.

Sorry for tmi.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

P.S. Unfortunately scan was quick as they were looking only at babies sizes and amniotic fluid around them so no pictures...

But seems we are getting an idea of who we might have!!!!

I feel like we need to confirm it with another scan( at15,5w) to let the world know))))

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  • So glad everything is still looking good! πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š xxx

  • Really happy everything is going well xx

  • Thanks for the update pritsko! I talk about your situation to my husband and wonder how you are getting on! Best of luck and enjoy your pregnancy xxx

  • Thank you x

  • Wow 4 babies!! That will really be something xx

  • Good luck! 4 babies - that's amazing! 😊 xxx

  • Glad that all is well πŸ˜€. Look forward to your updates! Wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy my dear!


  • Thank you! X

  • Ah so glad everthings ok πŸ˜† i often talk about u with my hubby and hkw amazing ur story is,so was great 2 hear ur update x x x

  • Thanks for the update on you and your lovely little ones! Glad to hear everything is going along as it should be!xx

  • Hi pritsko2011. Thank you sooooo much for the update. I can't stop thinking about you and your amazing pregnancy. So good to hear too that your babies are consistant with their sizes. Good to hear that the pink blood has now become brownish in colour. Brown blood is old blood, so maybe a bit of irritation, especially if you have been using progesterone pessaries/gel. Here's to the next scan, and good to know that the "professor" is happy too. Thinking of you lots. Diane

  • Professor is a terror! Haha! Im 14 weeks today and cant wait when another 10 weeks go...so i would feel myself in a bit safer place at 24 weeks!

    Thank you for your comments! X

  • Hi pritsko2011. Told you! I had to chuckle, as although he is an amazing person, he can come over a bit "know it all"! Of course he does, but I think you know what I mean. You're a good third of the way through your pregnancy now, so yes, getting to week 24/40 will be fab! I think I'm going to have to fish out some of my old clothes for you, from when I was a big girl - tee hee! Diane

  • im still managing with my buggy dresses but went to get pregnancy jeans and leggins...

    I look like 5 /6month pregnant

  • Hi. Awww! I remember the very first twin C-section I saw, and her womb looked like a space hopper! And to think it all shrank back down to normal again! Another few weeks and you should start to feel them moving. Little tiny flutters to start with - amazing! Diane

  • Cant wait a.d dreading too... I probably will never be able to fall asleep again))))

  • Hi. Don't know if you realise, but your babies can hear outside noises in 2 or 3 weeks time, so start to talk to them (I'm sure you are already), and tell them what you're doing. They will get to know your favourite music too, which will comfort them. I'm currently waiting for triplets to be born. Mum-to-be is in hospital for a rest at the moment, but it's been so interesting all the different stages of growth. She is 33/40wks and trying to get her up to 35/40wks for C-section, but they're good sizes anyway, so should be no worries. All such exciting, precious times! Diane

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