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*** Sensitive *** Worried I didn’t have the beta test

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Hi All, today I’m 16dp5dt, 5AA blast, fresh cycle, I think my lines are strong but I’m obsessing over not getting the beta test done as I’m now panicking my hcg might not be high enough. Friday was OTD and I got 1-2 weeks on a digital, Monday I got 2-3 wks on a digital. Today I did a FRER and cheapie which are in the picture and on Friday I should be 5wks so will do another digital hoping to see 3+wks. Do my lines look ok or should I be worried? Im struggling to relax. Scan is booked for the 10th Xxx

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That’s a lovely strong line! Congratulations! I know it’s hard but try and step away from the tests! You’re going to drive yourself mad especially with the FRER/cheapies and comparing lines. You could still do another digital just for peace of mind that it’s moving in the right direction but I don’t think you’ve got anything to be worried about. I know it’s easy for me to say but try and relax and just focus on the scan and then hopefully you can relax a little more. Congratulations again, you must be over the moon ☺️❤️

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GoonerT in reply to ZiggyandBC

Thank you I’ve become so obsessed checking the lines every day because I think I’m struggling to take it in that we actually got a BFP 🙈 but you are completely right, I need to stop testing, it’s just so hard to feel relaxed, this is the hardest journey I’ve ever been on and I’d be commenting the same as you if it was someone else’s post but I think I’m in shock and haven’t processed it properly yet!! Xxxxx

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ZiggyandBC in reply to GoonerT

Yeah that’s completely understandable! I’ve been praying for a BFP for so long I don’t think I’d be able to relax if I got one either! It’ll probably take a while for it to sink in but just try and step away from the tests for now ☺️ I hope you have a very happy and healthy (and as relaxed as possible!) 9 months ❤️❤️

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GoonerT in reply to ZiggyandBC

Thank you so much!! Xxx

Hi there, your lines look super strong! Congrats 💕💕 xx

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GoonerT in reply to Lou7744

Thank you, I’m going to stay away from tests now 🙈🙈 xx

Hi lovely, it's so hard isn't it!! I couldn't bear to test at home after seeing so many negatives, so I only had the Beta - and in a way I wish I had a positive home test to just prove to myself that it is actually real. I think the best thing to do is to just stop testing. Accept that it is positive and try to take it one day at a time until your scan.... I'm trying to do the same xxx

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GoonerT in reply to Millbanks

Thanks, I’ve realised how crazy I’ve become…. I’m going to step away from the tests now 🙈!! I think I was just scared and I just need to relax and enjoy it xxxx

You're obviously pregnant! Congratulations! I didn't understand why you don't want to have an hcg test? Checking how this hormone rises over a 2-3 day period in the first few days is the best way to put your mind at ease. It was for me anyway. Congrats again. X

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GoonerT in reply to Bella_Bee

Thank you, I was offered the blood test on the 21st or home test on the 23rd, I just felt I couldn’t take another cycle of waiting all day for the result which has always been bfn so i opted to test at home together instead on the Friday. I haven’t been offered another blood test as my clinic have just booked a scan on the 10th so ive been obsessing over home tests, maybe I should have asked the clinic for the beta test, I didn’t think to ask xx

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Bella_Bee in reply to GoonerT

If you can afford it you can always do them privately for about £50, £60 (in London anyway). You don't need a medical note or anything. X

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GoonerT in reply to Bella_Bee

Thanks, I’ll get one booked it will just help put my mind at ease!! Xx

My clinic didn't offer the hcg test so I never had one. I tested god knows how many times and in the end I got my husband to hide the pregnancy tests to stop me taking them. Taking the tests won't make any difference to how the pregnancy progresses, so please try and enjoy the fact that you are pregnant today 😀

Also a word of warning on the digital tests, don't expect to see the 3+ at 5 weeks, it's more likely to be 6 weeks. I've seen people on the board tie themselves in knots about when it will show 3+. I think mine was at 5+4.

Congratulations x

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GoonerT in reply to Chiefy

Thank you, I’ve only got one digital and one FRER left thankfully and I won’t be buying anymore!! I think I just got in my own head too much, I was so relaxed in the 2ww and now I’ve gone full circle!! Thanks ref 3+, I’ll wait until the following week xxx


Good to me 😘💐💐💐🥳 congratulations 🤩💐🥳

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GoonerT in reply to RhinoCat

Thank you, I think I’ve just over panicked myself!! Xx

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RhinoCat in reply to GoonerT

I can relate 🤣😘💐

Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy! 🥰 I had a 5AA transferred today xxx

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GoonerT in reply to FrancyItaly

Thank you! Just take it easy throughout your 2ww, wishing you lots of baby dust xxx

Your lines look really good, I'm the same as you.. I have my viability scan booked for the 3rd of August. I was stressing and was testing everyday to see if the lines were getting darker. In the end I booked to have my HCG levels tested for peace of mind 🙈

It's not an easy wait is it.. but testing everyday made things so much worse for me. I've been trying my best to keep busy and distract myself

Best of luck for the 10th I got everything crossed for you xxx

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GoonerT in reply to Hope_1234

Thank you, I’m stopping testing now, I’ve made myself crazy with it!! Good luck with your scan, ivf drives you crazy doesn’t it!! Xxx

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Hope_1234 in reply to GoonerT

Definitely does. One day my test line was weaker than the previous day and I freaked out.. but it must have been because of the time of day I tested and how much water I drank that day.As hard as it is.. it's best to put the tests down and enjoy being pregnant, you have to enjoy it and trust your body 🥰🥰🥰Xx

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GoonerT in reply to Hope_1234

Yes I just freaked myself out then I panicked that I didn’t know the levels 🥴 it’s so hard waiting all the time, I wish I could just scan myself now lol! I’m going to just relax and calm my self down now! I was go good in the 2ww, I actually shocked myself how calm I was then as soon as I saw those 2 lines I turned into a crazy woman!! Xxx

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