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Never written a post before!

Hi everyone, my names Sue and I've been trying to conceive for around five years.... I'm nearly 40 and in the last 6 months have had two failed IVF treatments with ICSI. I have a really low AMF (low for my age apparently too) and my consultant has advise taking pharmaceutical grade DHEA 50mg twice a day for three months before I start my third (and probably last) attempt. Does any of you lovely members know where I can purchase pharmaceutical grade DHEA? I know it's not licensed in the UK and my consultant won't advise me where to get it... 😓 thanks! X

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Hi I've bought some on the advice of other from biovea. They are quick to dispatch & I had no issues with customs. They come as 25mg tablets & you're best to spread them out throughout the day. Good luck to you xx


Hi. Would you try acupuncture as well.

I am nearly 43 and had my AMG checked 5 years ago and was very low for my age at that time.

Just had IVF done and 24 eggs collected out of which 20 fertilised and 10 Embryos are frozen .

I couldn't do the transfer straight away as oestrogen level was too high,so all going well will do the transfer in October.

Please drink plenty of water and healthy diet as irrespective of age we can improve the quality of eggs . Best of luck


Hi Sue just wondering whether you have ever been checked for vitamin d &vitamin B 12,folate,ferritin,iron ? I teach fertility awareness & just had success with a client who had 5 yrs of infertility had blood levels done & 2 moths of Vit b 12 & bingo pregnant.Sadly Drs do not check vitamin or mineral levels.Good luck.

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Thanks everyone for replying and for the advice you've given me. Wow San1510, you had an amazing amount of eggs collected! I had two collected on my first go, and one one grew in my second attempt. I'd lost two stone between both attempts but my egg numbers decreased! In the second go, my egg did fertilise, but it fertilised abnormally, so it couldn't be transferred back in 😓


Also thanks for the advice Marylyn re: vitamins and being tested, where can I go for this as anything is worth a shot? I do have the added problem of currently needing a uterine polyp removed, and all through my thirties I've suffered from endometrial polyps, so this is probably part of the reason why I've never got pregnant. But I'd happily look into the vitamin and minerals situation to see if I'm low in anything x


Hey, I have used the website medichecks for any testing I have wanted. It's been useful to me, it's just been harder to get doctors to take note of results and I've been wary of self treating based on the results.

I'm new into infertility, I'm 32 and have an AMH of only 2.6, so I'm struggling to stay positive.

Good luck with your journey xx


Thanks Orla, that's a useful website, not heard of it before but just been on it. Looks like it's £149 to be tested for the women's hormones and things. I know it sounds wimpy, but I don't like the idea of a finger prick test! I should be used to needles what with all the recent daily jabs I did to prepare me for my egg collection (of just one egg). I know what you mean, it is hard to stay positive. My sister gave birth to a son in April this year, so that was really hard for me. She's got the one thing I really want but don't seem to be able to achieve. You've got age on your side, 32 is a good age to be for IVF journeys I think. I'm hitting the Big 4.0. In October and feel like time is running out for me...but hopefully I'll be third time lucky 😍 good luck to you too x


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