Aunt Flo finally here - IVF can begin!

I'm starting a mild IVF cycle, so stims start on CD2. I started spotting today so that means Aunt Flo in full force tomorrow! Isn't it funny how the very thing that has caused such feelings of defeat and devastation every month for the past few years, is this month the thing I have been waiting for. This is my first IVF cycle, so bring it on!

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  • Best wishes with your cycle. Really hope you get your BFP.

  • Hi, me too going to start my first IVF cycle. Will be starting the norethisterone tablets this Friday on my 14 day of my cycle till 25 day of my cycle. Then when I start bleeding will be going for blood test and scan,after that will be the injections 😁. Good luck πŸ€β˜˜.

  • I'll keep everything crossed that it works out for you

  • Whoop! First and last fingers crossed :) x x x

  • Thanks ladies! Egg retrieval has just been scheduled for Wednesday, follies are measuring great now, so wahoo! With my PCOS though there are a heap in there - more than 60 at the moment. So should have a good number on Wednesday.

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