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Progesterone blood test same day as ovulation??????

Can anyone advise?

Had an appointment with my consultant yesterday as i had a CD21 Progesterone blood test done, i knew it was going to be low as i knew i hadn`t ovulated but yesterday morning CD24 i had the solid smiley on the Clearblue. I told my consultant and he suggested another blood test there and then . As i understand it when you get the solid smiley you are at peak fertility and should ovulate with 12-48hrs so surely a blood test on the same day would not show enough Progesterone level to confirm ovulation. I queried with him and he said it was ok !!! Anyone heard of this??

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I have always had issues with these tests as my cycles are short and irregular, so can be from 21-28 days and the gyne that I was seeing for infertility wasn't bothered...still told me to have them day 21 that was very early in comparison to now, but I wish i had stuck up for myself. You sort of hope that being specialists they would know the best thing to do?!

I'm seeing a very knowledgable fertility reflexologist now who said it should be 7 days after you, as an individual, have ovulated or had the peak.

Might be worth calling and speaking with someone else to ask them and explain your thoughts?



Hi I agree with Holiibob you know your body that anyone and that test should be done 7dpo. You could have had double ovulation I guess but less likely. Are you with NHS or private? My NHS blood test for day 21 I go when I think it should so 7dpo. Good luck


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