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Bleeding/spotting After BFP

Hi everyone

So after getting a BFP on Tuesday my test day ☺️....on Tuesday night it has some clear/pink spotting then it got a little bit darker.

Then on wed there was more of it and was really worried.

Went to doctors to get a blood test and the doctor didn't think it was much blood when I showed her.

Just had my blood results and nurse said they are where they should be but a little concern is there is I have had some bleeding so going for my other blood test tmrow morning.....

I am so worried this is not going to happen.....

What will be will be I guess,just taking It easy today and tmrow.

Has anyone had any other similar experiences good and bad ??? Xxx

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Wishing everything is ok for you and for your results tomorrow.

Kelly xx

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Oh, hun NG13! I'm sorry you feel worried. That's unfair! I cannot say I've experienced the same thing or so. I had implantation bleeding before we got BFP but not then.. (We passed IVF round with donor egg). Just dropped in to say I'll be praying for your rainbow. May God help you x

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