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Charity & HealthUnlocked Community Rebrand

Charity & HealthUnlocked Community Rebrand

From 1st August 2016 we are changing our name and we have an exciting new logo!

We are rebranding as Fertility Network UK for a number of reasons, but mainly to better reflect our role providing support and information for individuals whatever their experience of fertility issues. We want to highlight that we are here:

•for anyone considering their future fertility

•for those trying to become parents

•for anyone facing the challenges of childlessness

•for people successful after fertility issues

Our HealthUnlocked community will also be rebranded in the next few of days. With this not only will the logo change but the URL/link to find us will too. There will be a redirect on for a short while but so you are aware the new link will be healthunlocked.com/fertilit... . Although these changes are happening the community will still remain a place for you to seek and find peer to peer support 24/7 for all those struggling with fertility issues.

Our new website will be fertilitynetworkuk.org and it will be launched at The Fertility Show in November

We are very much looking forward to continuing to provide and expand our services as Fertility Network UK. Please do get in touch with us with your thoughts on how best we can provide the support and information you need at info@fertilitynetworkuk.org

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