Donor sperm ordered for ICI OMG!

So I did it, I just order my first ever batch of donor sperm to try at home insemination! Spent ages going through donors & changed which to pick 3 times... gone for closest to hubby but now the freak out begins... did I order the right amount, did I order for the right dates, did I pick the right donor... then it'll be panic over waiting for +opk then the dreaded 2ww πŸ˜‚

Thanks I needed to get that off my chest as literally no one to talk to not even hubby as he's on a 3day stag do πŸ™„x

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  • Omg!!! Where did you order this! I didn't know you can just order this from the Internet lol. Good luck! X

  • Ha I know it's weird '1 pot of spunk please' 😳 it's from a company in Denmark cryos sperm bank. I've been warned the box is marked up with 'live tissue' my postman is gonna be freaked 😜

  • Wow what you are doing is really brave! I'm not sure my other half would entertain that!! Very exciting times though!! Good luck to you!!xx

  • Thanks, my other half is more keen on it than me as he wants to just be a daddy now. After ordering it though I'm now excited! X

  • My OH is so desperate to be a daddy too, breaks my heart if I'm honest but so far he's not up for donor sperm and that hadn't changed from the start! We've talked about donor egg but we're very lucky that we have friends that disclosed they had donor egg & sperm, we would never know and she is gorgeous!! Exciting times for you!!xx

  • I don't know much about iui, have you spoken to others who have done this at home & been successful? I just asked my hubby if he would give it a go (with his own sperm), he didn't seem too keen!! Xx

  • I've done quite a bit of research & me & hubby did a trial run with his goods last month. I've read quite a few couples do it at home when the man has finishing issues & it's worked. Do some research as can't hurt right? Tell your hubby it's giving the swimmers a head start as you're putting it either just in or very close to cervix & holding it in with a softcup/divacup.. who said romance is dead 😘

  • And you'll never be able to look at a turkey baster again πŸ˜‚

  • This is so exciting Poochi! Hope you don't have too long a wait! Lots and lots of luck with everything, I hope it all goes well x

  • Thanks mommabear, 9days to go (not that I'm counting) x

  • Hi poochi

    How exiting.... You must let us know how you get on with it!!!

    Lots of luck with it πŸ˜„

    Holly xx

  • Thanks Holly, I'll give an update as I imagine there are quite a few people contemplating this. Good luck to you, Andrea X

  • Wow! This is so exciting, I didn't even know this was an option. Best of luck and please do keep us posted πŸ‘πŸΌ xx

  • Thanks Cheshire, a lot of doctors will tell you it's a waste of time & money but it works for a lot of same sex couples so we thought why not try it. Hubby says we're gonna be lesbian lovers for a few months.... I'm gonna be the butch 1 πŸ˜‚

  • Wow how exciting! Good luck, would be amazing if it works first time xx

  • Hi, hope you don't mind me joining the discussion. DH and I tried this, although with his own sperm (he has finishing issues), unfortunately it didn't work for us but have read lots of stories on similar forums where it did work. We are now going for IUI through a clinic, due to start in later this month

  • Hi snowy, I hope your iui goes well. I'm still on a waiting list for an hsg to then do iui but for now thought might as well :) I'm totally doing all my treatments the wrong way round :) x

  • Hi Poochi, bet you're excited about your special delivery πŸ˜ƒ My DH and I have decided after our 3rd BFN today with ICSI we are going to try home insemination with donor sperm eeeek its so exciting but scary!! Would love to pick your brain for advice xxx

  • Hi jojo yes it's exciting & scary because now timing is everything! The package has been sent today & I have confirmation I'll have it before 12 on Monday 😱 I expect to ov on Tuesday but now I'm scared to test incase o get a positive beforehand I just can't win! Feel free to ask me anything x

  • Sorry about the BFN, just realised you only got that today :( x

  • Don't worry I was realistic that the chances of it working were slim but its still gutting getting a BFN after all that goes along with an attempt as you know too xxx

    Will be stalking you on here lol, thats so kind if you don't mind I'm sure I will have lots of questions when we are ready to bite the bullet and start down the donor insemination route. First off we're going to have a holiday next month and relax. Hope the timings all come together for you xxx

  • Yes take some time & enjoy your holiday. I'm happy to share any info & I'm always here so just ask xx

  • How exciting!! You made me smile about the "one pot of spunk please" hehe! This whole process really isn't glam is it!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But so so worth it. You're an inspiration lovely xx

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