Intercourse before down regulation?

Hello Ladies. So the plan is to start my down regulation injections (buselin) on day 21 of this cycle, but I realised our clinic hasn't said anything about avoiding intercourse in the days prior to the start of IVF. A part of me is still clinging on to the faint hope of a natural pregnancy this cycle, but the other part is worried that if a miracle did happen and we got pregant naturally, wouldn't the week or so of buselin have a negative effect on the developing embryo?

We called our clinic to ask, and they said that there was no evidence that down regulation drugs have a negative effect on a developing embryo. But I would rather err on the side of caution and not risk it! Also, a bit of googling I found guidance from some clinics stressing that uprotected intercourse should be avoided during the IVF cycle given the unknown effects of the drugs on early embryos.

So those of you that stated down regulation on day 21, I was just wondering what advice did you receive (if any) regarding trying naturaly that cycle? Seems like different clinics have a different take on this! thank you x

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  • Hi there. We have been told to use protection prior to all our cycles. It seems crazy I know!! I found this hard on cycle one as I was still hoping for a miracle but I think I have now accepted ivf, so been ok with it this time round. Good luck with your cycle. X

  • Hi there

    I started buserelin on day 21 and when I rang on day 1 to request treatment they advised protected intercourse from that day onwards. All clinics are certainly different! Good luck x

  • We were advised to use protection this cycle before starting our 1st IVF. We started yesterday on day 21..... Fingers crossed xx

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