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IUI on NHS after ICSI? Is this an option?

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Hi me again :) thank you so much to everyone for being the amazing people you are!

I was wondering if anyone had IVF/ICSI treatment on the NHS & then afterwards had IUI on the NHS? I know this is kinda backwards & my GP doesn't think it will be an issue but she's written to my consultant to ask. Hoping some of you lovelies have experience/ knowledge about this please 😘 xx

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Hi there I had iui and it didn't work for me but that's probably because I have endromestosis. Usually doctors prefer iui before ivf

It's worth finding out about even if the answer comes back as a no. Did they not consider it as an option prior to ICSI or did you go straight to ICSI?

poochi in reply to pm27

No it was never an option for us due to hubbys sperm but with us now needing a donor then it's what we'd need. My GPs opinion is that had we known the full extent of hubbys sperm quality then we might have just used iui with donor from the beginning so we should be entitled now but sadly it's not her decision. Thanks for your reply x

pm27 in reply to poochi

I hope it brings you success. Shame NHS tests didn't determine issues with hubby's sperm before you paid out for ICSI abroad.

Hi Poochi, our consultant doctor said we were eligible for one ivf and three IUIs, and that we can choose whichever we want to try first - so I don't think the sequence matters to the NHS. We went for IUI first but had to cancel the cycle due to over stimulation of clomid, so we're now going for IVF and if that doesn't work, will try IUIs... while we save for private IVF! x

We did the exact route as you! We had to pay for IUI. We had a choice iCSI (with hubby) or 3 rounds of IUI with donor sperm. If you have to pay, abroad is cheaper and you can use anonymous donors... Or you can have anonymous donors posted to your door! (From Denmark)


Hi. I know this is very late but did you get funding for IUI after ISCI?

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