Length between periods is getting longer


I am looking for advice or others in my situation. I used to get my period every 27-28 days. Over the last three months it has risen to 31 and this month it is 33 and I still haven't got my period. I was hopeful at first and did a pregnancy test. I am 30 and all the reading on the internet points to menopause. I would be devastated if that was true. I also have endometriosis and have been struggling to conceive.

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  • Hi there! Omg your story is like mine. I am 29 and have endromestosis and I haven't had a period since may 30th. I have been for a blood test and get my results back next week. The nurse basically told me last week she thought I was going through early menopause. I cried in her office. I was then given a call on Tuesday to say my FSH levels were ok. However I need to have a AMH level check but because my ivf has been approved I have to wait until September to have it. My diagnosis has been confirmed yet I don't know what's wrong. I thought I was pregnant to and got so happy!! But then all my tests have been negative. Have you been to the doctor about your struggling to conceive? I went last year June and my ivf has only been approved now. In that year I have had my second lap and 2 failed iui's. If you can get a AMH blood test done this will put your mind to rest but you need to have a period before you take it. I haven't started yet so I can't:( I am praying my period comes in the next few weeks because I am getting scared about it. Please don't worry or stress that also causes late periods. (I know it's easy for me to say!!) Please keep me updated xx

  • I nearly freaked out when I read that the nurse had said it was early menopause. I have been to the doctors about struggling to conceive, because I was having a lot of pelvic pain and back pain. My doctor has done all the normal tests and referred me back to gyne. On my first lap 3 years ago they said I had mild endometriosis and nothing that would cause pain, so I dismissed any pain as ibs. Now myself and my new doctor are taking it more serious.

    Great news you have been approved for Ivf. What is Amh?

    I really hope you get your period. I have been so calm the past two months....stopped using ovulation sticks. Been so relaxed about everything and now myou periods are further apart. You can't win xx

  • I was scared myself!! But I find out on Monday. I think because my nurse saw how upset I was she kindly called me the next day saying don't worry your hormone levels are ok and she told me if looked like I had released a follicule and to try naturally. However I know I do need a AMH level checked. It's basically a blood test which checks the quality of your eggs. How long have you been trying for? When I had my lap in October 2015 they put dye in my tubes and they saw that there were working fine. Because of that I was given 4 iui treatments on the nhs but I have only used 2 and now my ivf has been approved. If you have mild endromestosis then maybe your gynecologist will say to try iui first. It's good your getting seen to. I am happy I went to my doctors before and didn't leave it too late. Have you been going accupunture and taking vital vitamins x

  • Sorry I forgot to add that my nurse was also worried because it looked like I was ovulating day 9 or 10! When it should be 14....that's another reason why she was worried x

  • We have been trying since January. We have been taking vitamins and I have thought about acupuncture. I have read it works better with ivf though. I haven't had my tubes checked so I will discuss that when I get my gyne appointment. I also need to find out if I still have mild endometriosis or if it has grown. How long have you been trying for? X

  • Iv been trying since 2014 and had no luck :( I went to the hospital before the 1 year r they give you because I knew something was right, while I was to mark the calender exactly 12 months before my doctor referred me to a specialist in had a scan done to check if I had any more cysts and I had my blood checked 3 days a month to check if I was ovulating. Then I was referred to the hospital in June 2015 and I had my lap in October 2015 and the was given 3 months to try naturally. It wasn't successful so I then tried iui and it still hasn't worked. Therefore no more iui's and now moving on to ivf! I am scared about it not working but got to give it a go. I have never seen 2 lines on any pregnancy kit and just want to finally have a baby! X

  • Ivf has such a good success rate and it sounds like it is the best option rather than more iui. Will you be having acupuncture at the same time? They say that is really good for ivf. I know the feeling about wanting a baby. It is like a part of me is missing x

  • Aww I know how you feel. And it's annoying when everyone asks when are you going to have a baby! I can't keep my happy face on anymore :( I have started accupunture last month so have been having it weekly. I just want my period to start so I know own I'm OK! My stomach is so bloated that I actually look pregnant lol x

  • How are you finding the acupuncture? I looked at places near me. Even the cleaner at work asked if I was having kids 'you got married last year didn't you'. I felt like saying it's not from lack of trying xx

  • It's not nice is it :( I feel your pain. That's why I like this site there are ladies in the same position as you. My sister have birth in January and all I hear at every function is when are u having one!! Accupunture is relaxing but I don't know if it's messed my periods up! I will wait and see what the nurse says on Monday. But my accupunture Lady said it shouldn't effect it x

  • I agree about this site. I haven't spoken to anyone apart from a work friend and my mum. I don't want people to know own we are struggling x

  • Hi, I have severe endometriosis and endometrioma cysts on my ovaries. I had the same thing with my periods when they lengthened then shortened and I found it difficult to track ovulation at some points. Just a note to say about endo that pain isn't the best indication of endo: I have severe and have near constant pain, a friend of mine has severe and has no pain at all and another friend has mild endo and significant pain. However if your pain has increased then it may be worth checking out. I'm glad they sound like they're taking it seriously as I hnderstand that the difference between mild and severe endo on fertility can be significant. Good luck trying, I conceived this year so hoping it's a lucky for people x

  • That is great to hear that you conceived, when are you due? Was that naturally or with help? I agree about the pain comment. The gynecologist I saw 3 years ago dismissed that my pain could be linked to my endometriosis because it was only mild. X

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