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Can anyone give me fertility advice

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can give me any fertility tips as me and my partner have been TTC for three years thought I was pregnant four times five including last month I have polycystic ovaries i did suffer from irregular periods before I started metaformin two months ago and since be having period pretty much on time I'm sick of getting negative especially when three of my closet friend and my sister in law are all pregnant I feel like I'm never gunna be able to have children even though doctor say I can.

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big hugs to you . You are not alone. It's so hard for us when others fall and make it look easy. I have been trying 5 years next month. With "unexplained". Due to gynae issues my general gynae consultant recommended that I was re referred to a fertility unit where he works.(seeing consultant next month) I have just had my nk tested (cost nearly £400 ) but it was worth it as my nk is too high.It's 12% and normal range is under 10%. NK stands for natural killer cells,these cells are useful as they protect us from infection and cancer, but too higher levels can have an negative effect on fertility and can cause early miscarriages. My advice is (and we know our bodies better than anyone!) if you think that you have had suffered early pregnancy losses then I would urge you to get your NK tested.I had mine done via blood blood.It can be done any time of the month.I decided on the blood test as instead of biopsy as utertine tissue can vary month to month.Good luck and it will be your time x


our fertility doc at the ivf clinic recommended vitamin supplements of vitamin c 1000mg daily for my husband and for us both to take daily something called q10 100mg. I got it off amazon, brands called innopure.

we had unexplained infertility for 5 yrs. 1st ivf only one egg fertilised and ended in miscarriage due to the embryo being chromosomally abnormal. At the time i was doing everything, acupuncture, reflexology, you name it.

this time round, 2nd ivf, much more successful! Didn't bother with the acu/reflex but took the supplements doc recommended. Ended up with 10 fertilised, of which we got 4 blasts top quality. Cant swear by it but I suspect the supplements helped a lot 😊



Hi, hun, I’m so so sorry for what you feel :( Sorry if I got it wrongly, but.. here are some thoughts on why it could happen to you (5 times I suppose). Here is also what our doc once explained on the point. “Many miscarriages occur because the fetus isn't developing normally. Problems with the baby's chromosomes are responsible for about 50 percent of a loss. Most of these chromosome problems occur by chance as the embryo divides and grows – not because of problems inherited from the parents. Sometimes a health condition, such as poorly controlled diabetes or a uterine problem, might also lead to it. Often the cause of miscarriage isn't known.”

If you experience two or more consecutive miscarriages, talk with your health care provider about whether further testing is needed to identify any underlying causes before attempting to get pregnant again. For example, blood tests, chromosomal tests, ultrasound, hysteroscopy, others. So this is important to investigate the reason so that you could fight with it. I hope this helps a bit you should just know - if the cause of your miscarriages can't be identified, don't lose hope!! Most women who experience repeated failures are likely to eventually have healthy pregnancies!!

May God help you with expending your family! XX


Thank you


This thread has been started approximately a year ago and there’s a small hope that you’ll receive a notification. But I suddenly noticed your post. It appeared at the upper right of web-page.

I guess a year is an enough good space of time for getting the news. If you see it you’ll be able to tell about your decisions throughout that year and current events you live through now.


Sorry for you.

What doctor said about your polycystic (PCOS)?

If there are other problems?

I think you should stop for now, and threat PCOS, if possible.

Pass some tests and then decide what to do.

P.S.: you should definitively ask doctor for more info about your particular case.


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