4 days till OTD

Hey all, just trying to pass the time. I've been trying to keep busy but my plans today have fallen through as my friend is sick so I'm feeling at a loose end. I've been getting my hopes up again, even though I promised myself that this time I'd be more rational. Haven't been on here for a while as I just couldn't face it after my last failed attempt so I hope there has been good news for everyone.

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  • Not being busy is the worst I think, I have found myself going on here a lot in the last few days and I'm on day 6 with over a week still to go!

    I do find myself getting my hopes up too and imagining a BFP and what id do, then immediately get cross with myself for getting carried away. I think it's only natural after being in this bubble for the cycle.

    I hope you find a good way to pass the time, good luck xxx

  • I know it's unfair but I'm really cross with her for cancelling. I'd planned my time so carefully so not one second was unoccupied (mainly because I drove myself batty last time!). Now I'm back on the sofa again. I can't even walk the dog because my hay fever is so bad now I'm not allowed to take medication for it. I'll get over it by tomorrow though.

  • You know the amount of times I'd give anything to be off work and relaxing on the sofa. Now it feels like a punishment!

    Get the box sets out?!

    We'll get there xx

  • The waiting is so difficult! I hope you managed to fill your day! I just want to wish you the best of luck x

  • Thanks everyone, these posts kept me (mostly) sane yesterday. I've never been so glad to see a Monday morning roll around though. Xx

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