6 days till test day 😨😨

Arrrggghhh we've made it through week one and now just this week to get through I just wish it was Sunday now 😊 just know this week is gonna drag by last week went not to bad but I haven't got a lot on this week so gonna be stuck in the house a lot πŸ˜• trying hard to resist testing early πŸ˜… how's everyone else feeling?? Praying for all you girls xo

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  • Ha I remember that well! I used to talk to my 'babies' to pass the day telling them what I was up to... I caved & tested at 8dp2dt... luckily it was BFP. Try not to symptom spot as I had no symptoms until after I got a BFP.

    Good luck & fingers crossed for you!

  • Thank you I'm chatting away to my belly all the time telling my little one to stick and what I'm doing how much fun we are going to have all sorts I'm sure if anyone heard me they would think I was crazy πŸ˜‚ aww it's so hard not to test but I'm gonna wait xo

  • so irritating wait...isn't it???i also wish it will b soon test day n BFP....

  • Aww Im counting down the days haha πŸ˜‚ it's really dragging in well it is today haha feels so long 😨 praying for bfps for us all when is ur test day lovewinspain?

  • yeah...i wish god listens to al of us...my test day is on coming friday 9th september..ur on 11th?

  • Yes I'm on the 11th oh we are so close pray all our dreams come true 😍😍 how ate you feeling?

  • Hi sam84 and lovewinspain my test day is on 14th ...I thought is just me talking to my belly ☺️☺️ ☺️ Girls fingers crossed for us xxπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Aww we are all within days of each other how amazing if we go through r pregnancys together 😍😍 praying for us all to geg r bfps 😍 how are u feeling Olivia xo

  • Hi Sam - I know it feels like torture right now but it will soon be all over and hopefully you'll get those two little lines! Very exciting! Hope you're managing to keep your mind occupied. I know that nothing anyone says can really help with the 2ww but looking back it now seems to have whizzed by. Roll on Sunday! x x x

  • Thanks mumabear trying to stay busy today has been long just cause I had no plans and stayed in the house tomorrow ill make myself more busy get out for a while just had a we nap there now gonna tackle dinner for oh getting home xo

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