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18 eggs collected today! Was quite shocked so many. Feeling a bit sore now, but the procedure wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My partner decided to faint half way through the procedure.... Bless him! Just got everything crossed as get the update tomorrow morning to see how well they've gone. Looking at ET on Thursday or Friday. This is all feeling very real now. X

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  • Wow thats a lot of eggs well done.

    Sorry i did chuckle a little about your husband fainting. Bless him hope he was ok too.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow with lots of fertlised eggs. Xx

  • I know! Got to love him! Apparently he wasn't the first to have done it at EC Ha ha x

  • Im sure he wasnt 😊. In ways its a good job its the women that get tortured, men just couldnt handle it lol x

  • He fainted after everything you've gone through! Ha ha. Well done on 18 eggs, let's hope you get a good fertilisation rate. Good luck for ET.

  • Men hey!! They gave him his own bed and sick bowl too... Think he's a little embarrassed x

  • Just think what he might be like when it comes to birth!

  • Well done that's great numbers. Aww your poor hubby X

  • Wow 18 eggs that is amazing, holy moly!! Well done! You did make me laugh about your partner! What are mean like....mine is a big woose too, asked him to do my injection and get chickened out!!πŸ˜‚ Good luck for the next step!x

  • πŸ™ˆ sorry but this made me giggle out load. Well done on lots of eggs xxc

  • Blimey that's lots of eggs, well done you Fingers crossed for ET xx

  • Wow that's a great amount collected hun, am sure u will get a good number today ☺hope all goes well at et, sending baby dust to you πŸ’– good luck xxxxxxx

  • Thank you for your lovely messages. You'll be pleased to know my other half has recovered!! Just got the call said 5 fertilised. Just going to wait until tomorrow to confirm ET. Every bone in my body is crossed. Xx

  • 5 fertilized is great news. Glad hubby is on the mend.

  • Hi LillieF. Well done you! Hope all goes well with fertilisation, and of course for ET at the end of the week. Thinking of you. Diane

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